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Vitamin D: The Body’s Essential Nutrient

Theoretically, our bodies make plenty of Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, when exposed to the sun. But today, people shy away from the sun, due to cancer concerns, or lather on the sunscreen. We spend too much time in homes,…

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Health Problems? Money Stress? Anxiety? Blame “Science”

Real Science
Real science is the exploration of ourselves and the world around us.  We have the tools of observation, pattern recognition, analysis, and inspirational insights that can allow us to build an understanding of life.  The best scientists have…

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From Quantum Physics To End Of Life Planning

What Is Reality?
Quantum Physics offers us some ideas that most would consider pretty far out of the box of normal thinking.  For example, it says solid matter is not solid.  But that’s just the beginning.  It also suggests that…

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Nuclear Solutions You Are Not Supposed To Know

How Our “Leaders” Think
Governments and big industry all over the world have been searching diligently for solutions to the nuclear contamination problems that have been created by numerous nuclear bomb detonations, leaking nuclear power facilities, the unrestrained use of…

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Women and Orgasms

As women we are by nature nurturers. We want to please our partner. Sex for younger women in many cases is just that, not that they dont enjoy it, but they are very much focused on pleasing the man.

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Artificial Intelligence – Our Brave New Future?

According to futurist Ray Kurzweil, we humans will before mid-century experience the grand dawn of artificial intelligence (AI), an intelligence superior to the most advanced human beings. He says we can also expect nanotech implants that will regulate every aspect…

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