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The Medicinal Power of the Chaga Mushroom Can Help Boost Immunity

David Koubek’s wife refers to her husband as a “chagaholic,” but it’s a term he doesn’t mind hearing.(1) After all, they credit his consumption of chaga mushroom tea for stopping his chronic respiratory problems — namely pneumonia or bronchitis —…

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Is Your Microbiome the Cause of Your Weight Gain?

Gut health is all the rage these days in the health and fitness world—and for good reason. As we learn more about our bodies, we’ve learned a ton about the microbiome and its importance on your overall health. But could…

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Homelessness is not a disease

How would you feel? Down to your last dollar, no money for rent, no place to keep your possessions – what you have left anyway, and no one to turn to who will help you. Out on the street.
Strangers that…

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French Supermarket’s Fight Against Food Waste is a Smashing Success

In light of the news that an insane amount of food is wasted every year (over 300 tons), the European Union decided to make 2014 “The Year Against Food Waste“. In response, Intermarche, France’s 3rd largest food chain, has arranged…

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Genetically Modified “Super Banana” Trials Have Already Begun in the US

In the middle of America’s corn belt, test participants are being paid $900 to be guinea pigs to eat genetically modified bananas from Australia that have been created in hopes of solving Uganda’s (and ultimately the world’s) vitamin A deficiency problem.
What is the rationale…

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Ottawa-based 3D Printing Company Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Ottawa-based 3D Printing Company Launches Kickstarter Campaign
OTTAWA, ON. (WEB) July 14, 2014 – 3Dprintler, an Ottawa-based tech lab, is turning to the Internet to generate interest in their 3D-printed hydroponics system called 3Dponics.
It’s made up entirely of recyclable…

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Seasonal Allergies – Or Something Else?

Having battled with what I assumed was seasonal allergies for several years and then I started reading about wheat and gluten intolerance and I noticed that the symptoms I had not only matched seasonal allergies but also could fit for…

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New urban farm film takes positive approach, pushes for PBS

We’ve all heard about the problems in agriculture, from GMOs and CAFOs to aging farmers and mad cows. But, what all these acronyms and statistics don’t add up to is change. So, about four years ago, my childhood friend Andrew…

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Insanely Simple Way to Grow Your Own Food – Even With No Room for a Garden

There are many excellent reasons to grow your own food.

You’ll save money.
The food tastes better.
You can grow varieties you’ll never find at your grocery store.
The food is much healthier. Commercial food is usually weeks old by…

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Heat Your Home with Cherry Pits – A Renewable, Biomass Alternative Fuel

Heat Your Home with Cherry Pits – A Biomass Alternative Fuel
Tart cherries have been long known for their ability to fight joint pain caused by gout and arthritis. However, did you know the pit of the cherry is one…

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