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The Amazing Mental Health Benefits of Art – No Special Talent Required!

There’s a huge misconception about art and artists. Most people believe that you are born with talent or not, and there’s nothing you can do about it, but this isn’t true! While we can’t all be Van Goghs, the desire…

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Inner Peace–Change your thoughts, Heal the world

Peace.  There are songs written about it. Everyone wishes for it. And yet, it eludes us. We all say we seek peace, and on a theoretical level, we do. But if you don’t practice being peaceful, then you violate the…

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Arrested for resisting arrest

I am getting completely sickened and fed up with the way cops go about their business. It has been progressively getting worse. I recently saw a video of a man being detained outside of a bus station. He was sitting…

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Interview: Allyson is Down 80 Pounds, 100 Inches, 12 Sizes and 34% Body Fat

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions Allyson. I am always fascinated by people that take their health in their own hands and make a significant difference. I don’t know your story except that I see before and…

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Top 6 Health Benefits of Cabbage

Many people joke about the sometimes embarrassing after-effects of consuming cabbage, but the truth is, this cruciferous vegetable can help your health tremendously. While red cabbage is known to have the highest levels of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties over the…

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How Unschooling our Children Can Help Them Flourish, Develop Natural Abilities

“Only a few children in school ever become good at learning in the way we try to make them learn. Most of them get humiliated, frightened and discouraged. They use their minds, not to learn, but to get out of…

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Shower, Floss . . . Drink Your Urine? 5 Top Benefits of Urine Therapy

When you wake up, the routine is probably as follows: you go to the bathroom to urinate, brush your teeth and finally, hop in the shower. For many people, the routine has a twist: they go to the bathroom and…

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No Meat Macrobiotic Diet Helps Woman Lose 50 Pounds, No Longer Has Medical Complications

Growing up, Susan faced a series of health complications that would leave most people frustrated and ready to give up hope. In addition to severe allergies and arthritis, she suffered from migraines, IBS and plantar fasciitis. Her relatives and so-called…

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How Expressing Yourself Creatively Can Benefit Your Health

When was the last time you took a break from work and did something creative, something you truly enjoyed doing? Whether it’s writing, visual arts, practicing music or participating in a movement-based activity like dancing, creativity in any form can…

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Making the Most of Your Thyme: The Herb’s Amazing Health Benefits

Thyme, a popular herb used to add flavor to a variety of foods, also boasts a range of health benefits. Whether you use it in salads or as a tea, its powerful effects can keep your body and mind going…

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