FEMA Camps – Grand Opening! Praying on the homeless

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Columbia, South Carolina voted unanimously to ban homeless people. This asinine inhumane ban is further adding insult to injury by “allowing” them, if they choose to remain, inside of a FEMA Camp just outside the city limits.

While an offer of shelter sounds like a kind generous idea, they will not be allowed to come and go freely and will essentially become prisoners for a crime they haven’t even committed.

The police have been assigned to patrol and make sure no homeless people are wandering around or try and leave the camp. Business owners and residents are encouraged to call a hotline if they see a homeless person – like calling the animal catcher for stray dogs. Public benches are being removed and areas where the homeless have formerly congregated will be watched.

Do not be fooled. This is not an innocent act. We cannot stand for this. What this is – A round up starting with the weakest link in our population – The Homeless.

If we stand idly by and do nothing because it “is not us they are targeting”, who is to say we might not just be next? The goal is control and depopulation.

The homless are just the easiest targets. They believe that society views them as less than human. They are our fathers, mothers, friends and neighbors who have fallen on hard times. They could be you.

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