Health Resolutions To Think About As This Year Comes to a Close

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2016 is quickly coming to a close and that means it is time to start thinking about resolutions to improve your health for 2017. Many resolutions end up failing because of lack or planning or the goal simply is not realistic. Doing appropriate research on your resolution is imperative to succeeding. Being as knowledgeable about what you are trying to do as possible allows you to recognize signs of struggling whether it is trying to eat right or stopping an unhealthy habit.  The following are a few resolutions you can take up this year to make you healthier as well as a few tips to help you reach your goal.

Cut Out Tobacco Usage

Cutting out chewing tobacco or cigarettes can be very difficult for many people. These habits have engrained themselves into people’s everyday routine which can be difficult to break. Slowly cutting back week by week is a tried and tested method as going cold turkey can be too much for smokers. The electronic cigarettes can help smokers cut back on their nicotine addiction. Slowly doing this can make it easier than simply cutting down on the number of cigarettes. There are other support systems to quit smoking including phone numbers you can call to get some support. The best way to hold yourself accountable is have someone that will support you when you want to smoke. A significant other or child can be the perfect person for the job.

Don’t Miss Checkups of Any Kind

Everyone should have an annual checkup as well as schedule a few cleanings at the dentist per year. Missing out on these can have adverse impacts on your health as problems never just go away but they do worsen or become a bigger problem to solve. The dentist can even tell you things about your health as your mouth is a great indicator to your overall health. If you have any type of family history with any specific type of health problem it is important to check this out. You don’t want to wait to find out that you have high blood pressure until after a heart attack or stroke. Even missing checkups for those who see mental health professionals can be damaging. Seeking out treatment for some sort of mental problem is brave but it takes consistent work that cannot be missed just because somebody doesn’t feel like it that day.

Establishing a Regular Sleep Schedule

There are people who never seem to sleep well for a variety of reasons. This could be drinking caffeine before bed, not being able to stop thinking about things bothering them, and even not establishing a sleep schedule can have negative consequences on quality and amount of sleep. There have been numerous studies confirming that sleep helps your overall outlook as well as productivity. The mind is something that has to rest just like muscles. You do not want to bring a tired brain into a big day at work. Simply by changing and setting a sleep schedule you can be more productive than ever and even help your career.  There are plenty of natural sleep aids that can be used to help you fall asleep if that is what you have the problem with. Certain herbal teas can help induce sleep if you do not want to become dependent on some sort of medication.

Eat in a Clean and Healthy Fashion

It seems like every year that people promise that they are going to clean up their diet. The problem becomes when this person doesn’t have an established plan of how they are going to eat. Saying you are going to eat clean then having holiday leftovers such as pie or other desserts certainly doesn’t set a person up for success. Set a hard start date that cannot be modified and make sure you have food in the fridge that lines up with the goals that you have. Meet with a nutritionist and describe your goals whether it is simply to eat healthy or if you want to lose weight in the process. This will allow you to have an established plan instead of going into your new healthy lifestyle without a direction. If you can convince another person in your family to do this you can act as a support system for each other. If you cannot find a friend who might like to help as having someone hold you accountable will help in times of weakness.

As you can see it will take a bit of planning to set yourself up for success with your resolution in this upcoming year. Set goals as milestones during the year so you can see the progress that you are making. Make sure all of these goals are realistic so you do not get discouraged. Good luck with your healthy resolutions this upcoming year!