Kyrgyzstan: A mountaineer’s paradise in the heart of Central Asia

Kyrgyzstan: A mountaineer’s paradise in the heart of Central Asia

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The unspoilt mountainous landscapes and craggy peaks of Kyrgyzstan make it a traveller’s paradise. If you love trekking and visiting hilly terrains then Kyrgyzstan should be on top of your list. The place has a unique lifestyle and its semi-nomadic culture provide a beautiful experience to people visiting from different parts of the world. If you are planning your trip to Kyrgyzstan then you will be enthralled to know that this country allows visa free travel to vacationers. The timing of your visit is very crucial as the terrain can get snowy and wet during winters spoiling the real fun for the travellers. Kyrgyzstan tourism is one of the mainstays of the country’s economy as huge amount of people flock the country throughout the year.

Huge amount of Russian and Kazakh travellers visit the beaches Lake Issyk-Kul during the mid-summer periods. April and May months record the highest amount of rainfall and summers can get really hot. The best time to visit this place is during June-July as the rain is over and it has soothing experience during that period of time.

Some of the places you cannot miss out when you are in Kyrgyzstan are:

Karakul: An urban area covered by the hilly terrains and orchards. There are beautiful streets that are lined up with trees and they slope up towards the glaciers through the pine forests.

DjetyOguz Valley: This place is surrounded by snow-capped peaks and beautiful canyons. At the entrance of the valley you get to see seven red sandstone cliffs standing tall at the front of the valley. The hiking canyons make it a must watch and you cannot miss this place once you are here.

Bush Camp: If you are thinking about a beautiful overnight stay around the mountains of Kyrgyzstan then you must try out this camp. The Bush camps near Tianshan range provides a beautiful experience to the travellers to spend a night below the glittering stars.

Lake Issyk-Kul: This Lake has been one of the favourite holiday spot for travellers for many centuries. You can have a beach break near this lake and experience some nice activities going around the beaches. When you are near Issyk-Kul make sure you see petroglyphs that have been here since 500BC.

Lake Song-kol: This place is famous for the goat polo; the locals refer to it by the name ulak-Tartys. This is a fierce game played by the locals near the pastures.

Travelling around Kyrgyzstan you will surely get to see beautiful scenic views at every turn you take. Situated 1500m above the sea level the place is mainly covered by the Tian Shan range. If you love driving then you would find the highways attractive, but it is advisable that you avoid driving in the rocky terrain as it is best you leave it in the hands of a local who has the experience of driving in this region. Staying in local Yurts, consuming the tasty Zakushkas and some mouth-watering dishes of the mountain region will make your day. Bishkek is a well-developed town in this region and it offers wide range of opportunities for the visitors to shop and dine in some of the best restaurants in the country.


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