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2 Surprising Ways Chlorella Helps Your Kids Stay Healthy

It’s a constant struggle as a parent . . . how do you make sure your children are getting the nutrition they need? Some parents turn to supplements to help ensure their children are getting adequate nourishment. But then you…

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Climate Change – Garbage Science?

Waste management is a uniquely human problem. It is a problem that was developed hand in hand with the evolution of humans as a species. The change from small nomadic tribes to villages, towns, and cities where humans specialize in…

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Bitter Melon – A Superfood With Cancer And Diabetics Fighting Potential

As most people know, pancreatic cancer is one of the most difficult cancers to treat. Usually, it is not discovered until the disease is well-advanced and this leaves clinicians – and patients – with fewer treatment options than they would…

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The Best Foods to Increase Kidney Function

Most people do not realize what an important role that kidneys play in the general health of the body until something goes wrong. Then, when in the throes of a kidney infection or in the very painful process of passing…

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“Bullet Proof” Coffee – Have You Tried It?

I first read about the concept of “bullet proof” coffee over a year ago. It is a term used for the special way to make coffee, as well as a special mycotoxin-reduced brand of coffee that was coined by Dave…

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Landmark Study on Health Benefits of Spinach Proves Real Food Is the Best Medicine

A new study by U.S. researchers found that eating two helpings of spinach every day improved cognitive abilities so much so that scientists say the brains of the study’s participants who ate the leafy green veggies were found to be…

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A Closer Look at How Weight Loss Affects Joint Pain?

Achy joint pain is a common ailment that affect more than 25 million Americans. They feel frequent pain in their hips, knees, lower back, elbows, shoulders, fingers and ankles. Most people believe that achy joints are a sign of your…

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Natural Alternatives for Dyeing Easter Eggs

This year families are switching over to concocting their own food coloring dyes rather than purchasing store bought food coloring due to the increase in health effects brought on by Yellow No. 5 and Red No. 3.
Easter is around…

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Why Is Natural Protein Powder Different?

Natural protein powder is a lot better than synthetic protein powder and it is a shame that people from all around the world do not actually know this. The natural supplements will offer protein from whey and they are 100%…

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Five Common Habits That Damage Your Liver

The liver is one of the body’s vital organs, it supports almost every other organ in the body and so the health of the liver is critical to the health of the entire body and there is currently no artificial…

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