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5 Reasons You Need to Detox

Most people simply do not take the time to care for themselves, and a combination of a sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition and hydration, lack of sleep and too much stress can really take their toll. A detox program can help…

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7 Natural beauty solutions that Slash cosmetics budget

Every woman wants to look her best. The problem is that commercial beauty products can be incredibly expensive and can also contain ingredients that you do not want to be exposed to. One great way to solve this problem is…

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Can Tickling Your Ear Reduce the Chance of Heart Failure?

Researchers are currently working on a new method to stimulate the heart as a possible future treatment for heart failure. Using electrical pulses to stimulate the vagus nerve, a branch of which runs from the ear to the heart, they…

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10 Interesting Uses for Wine

If leftover wine after a dinner party, for instance, has always been a bit of a puzzler, don’t throw it out before reading about all its potential uses. From wine cubes to delicious homemade jellies to an excellent household cleaner,…

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Top 10 Foods To Fight Chronic Inflammation And Pain Naturally

Inflammation is our body’s natural reaction to infections and injuries. It is a complex system that brings immune cells and nutrients to the affected areas to help your body heal itself. Sometimes this system goes out of control and starts…

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A Late-Summer Reminder to Have Fun the Healthy Way This Fall

I found out recently that the CDC has extensive records not only of the numbers and types of deaths across the country, but also of the potential life we’re losing each year.
Did you think this was going to be…

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Liar, Liar, Pant’s on Fire

Truth in advertising doesn’t hold true for political ads. Democracy takes effort and with it brings easy questions but hard answers.
Question: Say I want to run a political television commercial; do I have to tell the truth?
Let’s say…

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The Cost Factor: The Effects of Prices on the Sales of Technological Devices in Africa

The sales of technological devices have never really flourished in the continent of Africa – until recently. As a result, for many decades, Africans have had to catch up with the world’s advancement in the tech scene at a much…

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Where to find the best honest doctor

Health wise, you are your own worst enemy. There are no miracle cures. There are no pills that will make you well overnight. Good health takes discipline. To be your own doctor you do not have to go to medical…

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School Laptop and Tablet Programs Increase Yet Again

A laptop has become more important than ever for success in college. Without a laptop to take notes on, complete assignments on and research the web (wherever the student happens to be), it is immeasurably harder to be a good…

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