Are You Being Poisoned On a Daily Basis?

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How many chemicals do you take into your body on a daily basis?

It is virtually impossible to buy commercially produced foods without it being chemically treated. There is something in everything.

You must omit processed food from your diet because machinery and chemicals have poisoned and murdered our food supply.

Our processed foods contain hardeners, softeners, foaming agents, anti-foaming agents, thickeners, additives, preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and on and on and on.

The chemicals are dumped in to create a perfect product that won’t spoil, harden, change color, stick together or fall apart.

How can your body cope, in a healthy state, with the hundreds of poisonous chemicals thrust into it every day?

Despite the body not able to rid itself of these toxins fast enough, the processors tell you that these teensy-weensy small amounts of chemical poisons can’t hurt you. What they don’t tell you is that these teensy-weensy amounts of chemical poisons accumulate over a period of years and trigger sickness, illness and disease that can kill you.

Oh yeah, if you are on a salt-free diet, all the processed foods contain sodium and chloride compounds.

So, let’s take a look at at some typical SAD meals.


Juice – Benzoic acid (preservative) – dimethyl polysiloxane (anti-foaming agent).
Cereal – Butalated hydroxyanisole (antioxidant) – Sodium acetate (buffer) – F D &C Red #2 (dye) – Aluminum ammonium sulfate (acid).
Meat – (Sausage, spiced ham, hash) – Ascorbate (antioxidant) – Calcium phosphate (anti-caking agent) – Sodium or potassium nitrate (color enhancer) – Sodium chloride (preservative) – Guar gum (binder).
Toast or Bread – Sodium diacetate (mold inhibitor) – mono-glyceride (emulsifier) – Potassium bromate (maturing agent) – Aluminum phosphate (improver) – Calcium phosphate monobasic (dough conditioner) – Chloromin T (flour bleach) – Aluminum potassium sulfate (acid in baking powder).
Buns or Coffee Cake – Calcium propionate (mold inhibitor) – Diglycerides (emulsifier) – Sodium alginate (stabilizer) – Potassium bromate (maturing agent) – Aluminum phosphate (improver) – Butyric acid (butter flavor) – Cinnamaldehyde (cinnamon flavor) – Aluminum chloride (dough conditioner) – Chloramine T (flour bleach) – Aluminum potassium sulfate (acid in baking powder).
Margarine – Sodium benzoate (preservative) – Butylated hydroxyanisole (antioxidant) – Monoisopropyl citrate (sequestrant) – F D & C yellow #3 (coloring) – Diacetyl (butter flavoring) – Stearyl citrate (metal scavenger) – Synthetic vitamin A and D.
Butter – Hydrogen peroxide (bleach) – F D & C yellow #3 (coloring) – Nordihydroguaiaretic acid (antioxidant).
Milk – Hydrogen peroxide (bactericide) – Oat gum (antioxidant).
Jelly or Jam – Sodium benzoate (preservative) – Dimethyl polysiloxane (anti-foaming agent – Methyl cellulose (thickening agent) – malic acid (acid) – Sodium potassium tartrate (buffer) – F D & C green #3 (mint coloring) – F D & C yellow #2 (coloring for mint flavors) – F D & C yellow #5 (coloring for imitation strawberry flavor) – Gum tragacanth (stabilizer).


Soup – Butylated hydroxyanisole (antioxidant) – Diemthyl polysiloxane (anti-foaming agent) – Sodium phosphate dibasic (emulsion for tomato soup) – Citric acid (dispersant in soup base).
Crackers – butylated hydroxyanisole (antioxidant) – Aluminum bicarbonate (leavening agent) – Sodium bicarbonate (alkali) – Di-glyceride (emulsifyer0 – Methylcellulose (bulking agent in low calorie crackers) – Potassium bromate (maturing agent) – Chloramine T (flour bleach).
Sandwich – Sodium diacetate (mold inhibitor) – Monoglyceride (emulsifier) – Potassium bromate (maturing agent) – Aluminum phosphate (improver) – Calcium phosphate monobasic (dough conditioner) – Chloramine T (flour bleach) – Aluminum potassium sulfate (acid in baking powder ingredient) – Ascorbate (antioxidant) – Sodium or potassium nitrate (color fixative – Sodium chloride (preservative) – Guar gum (binder) – Hydrogen peroxide (bleach) – F D & C #3 (coloring) – Nordihydroguaiaretic acid (antioxidant).
Candy – Sorbic acid (fungiside) – Butylated hydroxyanisole (antioxidant) – Mono and Di glycerides (emulsifying agents) – Polyoxyethylene 20 soritan monolaurate (flavor dispersant) – Sodium alginate (stabilizer) – Calcium carbonate (neutralizer) – Cinnamaldehyde (cinnamon flavoring) – Titanimoxide (white pigment) – Mannitol (anti-sticking agent) – Petroleum (candy polish) – Propylenglycol (mold inhibitor) – Calcium oxide (alkalai) – Sodium citrate (buffer) – Sidium benzoate (preservative).
Soda – Sorbic acid (fungistat) – Sodium benzoate (preservative) – Polyoxyethylene 20 sorbitan monolaurate (flavor dispersant) – Sodium alginate (stabilizer) – F D & C blue #1 (brilliant blue coloring – F D & C #5 (coloring) – Cinnamaldehyde (cinnamon flavoring) – Caffeine (stimulant added to cola drinks) – Butylated hydroxyanisole (antioxidant).
Ice Cream – Mono and Di glycerides (emulsifier) – Agar-agar (thickening agent) – Calcium carbonate (neutralizer) – Sodium citrate (buffer) – Amylacetate (banana flavoring) – Vanilldene kectone (imitation vanilla flavoring) – Hydrogen peroxide 9bactericide) – Oat gum (antioxidant).


Fruit Cup – Calcium hypochlorite (germicide wash) – Sodium chloride (prevent browning) = Sodium hydroxide (peeling agent) – Calcium hydroxide (firming agent) – Sodium metasalicate (peeling solution for peaches) – Sorbic acid (fungistat – Sulfur dioxide (preservative) – F D & C red #3 (coloring for cherries).
Meat – Alkanate (dye) – Asafotida (onion flavoring) – Sodium nitrate (color fixative) – Sodium chloride (color fixative) – Sodium chloride (preservative) – Sodium ascorbate (antioxidant) – Guar gun (binder) – Sodium phosphate (buffer) – Magnesium carbonate (drying agent).
Canned Peas – Magnesium carbonate (alkali) – Magnesium chloride (color retention and firming agent) – Sodium chloride (preservative).
Fruit Pie – Sodium diacetate (mold inhibitor) – Sorbic acid (fungistat) – Butylated hydroxyanisole (antioxidant) – Sodium sulfate (anti-browning) – Mono and Di glycerides (emulsifier) – Aluminum ammonium sulfate (acid) – F D & C red #3 (cherry coloring) – calcium chloride (apple pie-mix firming agent) – Sodium benzoate (mince pie preservative) – Potassium bromate (maturing agent) – Chloromine T (flour bleach).
(Pie will also contain additives found in shortening and white flour used in making the crust)
Cottage Cheese – Annatto (vegetable dye) – Cochineal (red beetle dye) – Diacetyl (butter flavoring) – Sodium hypochlorite (curd washing) – Hydrogen peroxide (preservative).
Cheese (Processed) – Calcium propionate (preservative) – Calcium citrate (plasticizer) – Sodium citrate (emulsifier) –

Food contamination is responsible for innumerable new diseases being suffered by the American people and completely puzzling to the medical profession with thousands of synthetic food additives polluting and poisoning the food supply.

How many people must die before this manslaughter is stopped?


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