Read A Book, Get Clean Water

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This is a Godsent to people that just do not have clean drinkable water. We now have a revolutionary Drinkable Book that was created by Dr. Theresa Dankovich, a Post-doctoral researcher at University of Virginia. The program established with the Center for Global Health and the university’s environmental engineering department, was for investigating water purification in developing countries. The program is called WATER Is Life and the book has pages that are actual filters with antimicrobial properties. The University of Virginia has a collaboration with the University of Venda in South Africa to test silver-impregnanted pages for filtering contaminated water.End result, ceramic filters for purifying water make up the pages of a book. Facts about the WATER Is Life book:

  • costs only cents to make
  • each filter can sustain a person for 30 days
  • each book contains enough filters to sustain a person for 4 years
  • bacteria count reduced by 99%, making previously contaminated water of equivalent quality to U.S. tap water
  • filters and kills waterborne diseases like cholera, typhoid and E. coli

The only issue is having the instructions for use in English, perhaps other languages or images will better serve all the people this book can help.

Technology has provided a tremendous solution because of the hard work of one amazing researcher. Raise your glass and toast Dr. Theresa Dankovich, then go visit the video at to get involved and save lives.

Bill Lauto, GTG
Environmental Scientist at
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  • BML

    This is an amazing invention to help all those who don't have clean water to drink!!!