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5 Common Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency

5 Common Signs You Are Vitamin D Deficient
1. Feeling Depressed
Researchers have found that individuals with low Vitamin D levels are as much as ten times more prone to falling into depression.
2. Feeling Moody
Serotonin is affected by…

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Can You Get Rid of Gingivitis?

What is Gingivitis?
Gingivitis is a very common problem classified by irritation, redness, and swelling of your gums. Because gingivitis can be very mild, It is quite possible that you don’t even realize that you have it. But it is…

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Top 7 Foods that Keep Bones Strong

Strong bones are incredibly important for the health of the entire body: apart from giving the body structure and protecting important organs like the brain, heart and lungs, the bones also help give posture, balance and strength. They also are…

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Risks of Vitamin D Overdosing

The bright warm sunshine provides the body with all the vitamin D it could possibly need. So, why do some people take vitamin D supplements daily? The reason is simply that they are deficient in the essential nutrient from not…

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Can’t Get Enough Sunlight? Here Are Five Great Sources of Natural Vitamin D

Vitamin D, aka the “sunshine vitamin,” is required in a multitude of bodily processes, making it one of if not the most important vitamins for your body to produce.
The crucial vitamin is produced within the body after we’ve exposed…

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Vitamin D deficiency: Things you need to know

Vitamin D is a nutrient that is beneficial in protecting the bones, the brain and even the heart. Some studies suggest that having sufficient levels can help a person to live longer. When skin is exposed to sunlight, it absorbs…

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A Vitamin A Day – Six Daily Vitamins You Should Consider Taking

In an ideal world, all of our vitamins and nutrients would come from the foods we eat. Unfortunately, with busy schedules, easy access to non-nutritious foods and a plethora of health problems that decreases the absorption of food nutrients, many…

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What’s The REAL Reason Blacks Are Hurt More By Vaccines?

To Learn The Truth, Our Attitude Matters
In my decades of holistic health research, I have made the most progress in discovering how things really work by getting rid of all preconceptions and just looking for whatever is true, even…

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The Benefits of Sun Exposure

We’ve been told to steer clear of the sun most of our lives, but as the old saying goes: moderation is key.
The sun can provide a bounty of benefits, and without it, our lives would be gloomy. Here are…

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Vitamin D Could Lower Diabetes Risk and Increase Life Span

New research is coming to light that suggests that adequate amounts of Vitamin D in the body can reduce the risk for developing diabetes and add to the person’s longevity. The problem is, however, that the majority of Americans do…

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