The plot to reduce and control the population

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About a year ago or so I wrote and article about the New World’s Order implementation and furtherance of the eugenics plan. This plan was let out of the closet, so to speak, by Dr. Richard Day who was a Professor of Pediatrics at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York. He also served as Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and was a profound atheist and an insider of the New World Order.

Dr. Day gave a lecture to the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society in 1969 where he let the hushed cat out of the bag. His lecture was taped and those tapes were finally transcribed.

Basically, the agenda is to corrupt morality, encourage unrestricted sense gratification, and eliminate or ridicule religiosity, spirituality, common sense, and the concept of right or wrong.

As I have a copy of those tape transcriptions I will endeavor to share them with you so you can see the realities that have come and will continue to come our way. It will be up to each and every one of us to pick a side. There is no middle road. How we conduct ourselves and what we impart to our children and loved ones will determine our integrity one way or another.

So, in this article, I will simply list the agendas to be followed in forthcoming articles with more elaboration. Suffice it to say that the powers to be want our world to go to hell in a hand basket so they can dictate activity, consciousness, and work toward ultimate control over each and every one of us.

The introduction to Dr. Day’s lecture began with:

“Is there a power, a force or a group of men organizing and redirecting change? Everything is in place and nobody can stop us now. People will have to get use to change”.

The real and stated goals are as follows:

Population control

Permission to have babies

Redirecting the purpose of sex – sex without reproduction and reproduction without sex

Contraception universally available to all

Sex education as a tool of world government
Tax funded abortion as population control

Encouraging homosexuality as a means of population control

Families to diminish in importance

Euthanasia and the “demise pill”

Limiting access to affordable medical care makes eliminating the elderly easier

Planning the control over medicine

Elimination of private doctors

New difficult to diagnose and untreatable diseases

Suppressing cancer cures as a means of population control

Inducing heart attacks as a form of assassination

Education as a tool for accelerating the onset of puberty and evolution

Blending all religions. The old religions will have to go

Changing the Bible through revisions of key words

The churches will help us

Restructuring education as a tool of indoctrination

More time in schools, but not learning anything

Controlling who has access to information

Schools as the hub of the community

Some books would just disappear from the libraries

Changing laws

Encouraging drug abuse to create a jungle atmosphere

Promoting alcohol abuse

Restrictions on travel

The need for more jails and using hospitals as jails

No more security

Crime used to manage society

Curtailment of American industrial pre-eminence

Shifting populations and economies – tearing social roots

Sports as a tool of social change

Sex and violence inculcated through entertainment

Travel restrictions and implanted I.D.s

Food control (my comment – “hello Monsanto!)

Weather control (my comment – the Haarp project and hurricane Sandy)

Know how people respond and make them do what you want

Falsified scientific research


Financial control

Surveillance, implants, and televisions that watch you

Home ownership a thing of the past

The arrival of the totalitarian global system

I’m sure by now you are aware of how much of this has already been implemented. In the article to follow, each of the above topics will be explained as to how Dr. Douglas presented them. We obviously have more to fight against than the non-labeling of GMO foods.

The tapes were recorded and transcribed by Dr. Lawrence Dunegan, a former student of Dr. Day.

In the articles to follow, the points listed above, which were Dr. Day’s, each point will be elaborated via Dr. Day’s commentaries.

Stay tuned!

New Order of Barbarians
Randy Engel, Director of the U.S. Coalition for Life
Larry Dunegan, Student of Dr. Day

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