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7/29/2020 - Posted by Hesh Goldstein in Health

Who benefits from Rx drugs?

One would think that any doctor that had a brain would encourage their patients to stay healthy. The problem is that most doctors rely on…
7/29/2020 by everybodysfit

Body Hair: Your own fleece

Body hair, termed androgenic hair, develops on the body during the years of puberty. We need this hair to regulate our body temperature. When it’s… Posted in Health, Lifestyle, Personal Care
7/23/2020 by Thomasina Copenhaver

Corona Virus-Research the “experts” know but won’t tell you that could save your life

The fear is palpable. The Corona virus has divided and paralyzed the entire world. This has been such a sad and troubling realization to me.… Posted in Health, Health, Lifestyle, Medicine, News, Personal Care, Pharmaceuticals, Science, Vaccines
7/23/2020 - Posted by everybodysfit in Fitness, Health, Lifestyle, Personal Care, Weight Loss

Body Mass Index: How do you measure up?

Body mass index is a measure of body fat that is based upon an individual’s weight and height. Mathematically speaking it is the measure of…
7/23/2020 by Hesh Goldstein

What helps us stay sick?

There are some Interesting parallels between what we ingest and the consistent transformation of the flu virus. With the latest dietary guidelines calling for three… Posted in Health
7/20/2020 by everybodysfit

Altitude: Oxygen deprivation

When a person travels to a high altitude, the air pressure is a lot lower (barometric pressure).  This means that there is less oxygen present.… Posted in Environment, Health, Lifestyle, Personal Care, Travel
7/10/2020 - Posted by everybodysfit in Fitness, Fitness Nutrition, Food, Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Personal Care, Weight Loss


This green, white, or purple vegetable come in spears, is packed with nutrition, and is low in calories. There are plenty of reasons to consume…
7/10/2020 by Hesh Goldstein

What foods have the best nutrients?

First and foremost, plant based foods are more loaded with nutrients than anything else.  Putting that in its proper perspective, what the body needs to… Posted in Health
7/1/2020 by Hesh Goldstein

Stop riding the hormonal roller coaster

The hormonal roller coasterride, otherwise known as hypoglycemia is probably one of the most widespread disorders in America and the civilized nations today. It is… Posted in Health
6/30/2020 - Posted by W.M. Peterson in Health

Say ‘No!’ to the Covid-19 Vax

In early June the mega-corporation, Johnson & Johnson, announced that they are making great progress on their much-anticipated Covid-19 vaccine. Initially, testing wasn’t expected to…