10 Beauty & Medicinal Uses Of Rice Water & How To Prepare It


Rice is one cereal which is available in around 40,000 varieties all over the world. Rice water is the suspension of starch obtained by draining boiled rice or by boiling rice until it completely dissolves into the water. Rich in vitamins and minerals, rice water is recommended if you’re suffering from diarrhea or vomiting, as well as to stimulate the production of breast milk. Rich in the vitamin B complex, folic acid, iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc, rice water gains its properties during the cooking process of rice.

10 Beauty & Medicinal Uses Of Rice Water

Prevent Alzheimer’s

It is known that brown rice is rich in certain nutrients which are beneficial for growth and development of neurotransmitters. Thus such rice or rice water can be used for reducing Alzheimer’s disease.

Prevents dehydration

On a hot sunny day, rice water becomes your go-to-drink. In summer, the body tends to lose water and salts through sweat and, rice water helps replenish the lost nutrients and the water, reducing your chances of dehydration.

Providing Energy

Regular consumption of rice water helps energize your baby instantly. Rice water contains very high levels of carbohydrates that will help in fulfilling your baby’s energy requirement after a long day of play. Also, rice water can be easily digestible. This water is extremely useful in cases of physical weakness or lack of energy.


Apply cooled rice water on the skin area that’s affected with eczema. Do this regularly to start seeing the difference. The starch components in rice water are highly effective in curing the adverse effects of eczema on your skin.

Healthy Hair

If you always wished for a soft and shiny hair, this is the perfect natural hair tonic. The hair shaft is strengthened while using rice water to your hair as it is rich in rice proteins. Apply rice water to your hair after shampoo and rinse well after few minutes. Enjoy beautiful and healthy hair naturally as it promotes hair growth, treats dandruff, and repairs split ends.

Whitening skin

Rice water is a cheapest and simplest DIY beauty product that is far more beneficial than expensive cosmetic goods containing chemicals. It helps some get the white tone of skin without giving any effort, while the others spend tons of money to get a Snow White skin. Replace your face wash with rice water then see the surprising improvement after a few weeks.

Fights viral infections

Rice water is utilized often as a solution for fever as it averts water loss. It recharges the lost supplements and speeds the recuperation process.


This water is one of the best ways to treat diarrhea in infants. Rice water helps regulate bowel movements in babies thereby comforting them. This health condition drains the body of water, causing dehydration, and rice water can help replenish the levels.

Increased Breast Milk

Ideal for breastfeeding women, thanks to its vitamins and minerals, rice water stimulates breast milk in nursing mothers. To encourage the production of milk, it is recommended to drink several glasses a day.

Preventing Cancer

Rice grain, especially the whole grain brown rice is rich in insoluble fibre, anti-oxidants like Vitamin A and phenols etc; which helps in preventing many types of cancer.

How to prepare rice water?

Nothing is easier to prepare than rice water. In a saucepan, boil a half a cup of white rice with 3 to 3 cups of water on a low heat for 20 minutes. Once the rice is cooked, filter and pour the water into a glass jar. Let it cool. Your rise water is then ready for consumption.

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