10 Healthy Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar


When most people think about apple cider vinegar, it is usually in terms of salad dressing. While this will certainly zest up your lunchtime greens, however, there are many more benefits to consumption. A regular dose (defined as 1 tablespoon vinegar diluted in 1 cup of water) taken daily with meals can benefit many of the body’s systems and it can be used topically as well. Read below to find out more about it.

Digestive Health
Apple cider vinegar is excellent for overall digestion since it contains a compound called malic acid, which has been known to help ease common issues like heartburn, reflux or constipation. Also, it can be helpful in a case of food poisoning due to its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Peaceful Sleep
For those suffering from disrupted sleep patterns or insomnia, drinking a tablespoon of this vinegar mixed with honey and diluted with hot water immediately before bedtime can help achieve a restful night’s sleep.

Lower Blood Sugar
A recent publication of Diabetes Care discussed the fact that regular consumption of apple cider vinegar could lower blood glucose levels, making it a perfect natural treatment for diabetics. However, it can possibly interfere with some anti-diabetes medications.

Heart Health
Studies have also shown that the high amounts of pectin contained in apple cider vinegar can help treat both high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels. These are two major risk factors for heart disease.

Strong Bones and Teeth
Apple cider vinegar helps the body to extract calcium from other foods in the diet like vegetables or meats. Increased calcium absorption helps build and maintain healthy bones and teeth.

Supple Joints
Because it is a natural anti-inflammatory, apple cider vinegar can help relieve the pain and stiffness of the joints associated with chronic conditions like arthritis. This can lead to easier mobility, decreased risk for falls and overall better quality of life.

Detoxified Tissues
In addition to its many other benefits, apple cider vinegar contains high levels of potassium which can help the body to remove unwanted toxins from the body and can also help with allergies, sore throats and yeast infections.

Healthy Weight
Along with a healthy diet and exercise, apple cider vinegar can aid weight loss by acting as a natural appetite suppressant and it has also been shown to help speed up fat metabolism and slow down fat accumulation.

Allergy Relief
When used topically, apple cider vinegar can help to bring instant relief to insect bites or skin allergies that the summer can so often bring with it.

Healthy Skin and Hair
This vinegar can be used topically as a toner for clearing up skin blemishes and also as an after-shampoo rinse to give the hair a shiny, healthy look while nourishing and conditioning it.

Apple cider vinegar is truly an amazing thing to have around the house. Regular consumption of it in the diet has a positive impact on digestion, weight, heart health and the joints, just to name a few of its benefits, but it can also be used topically to promote shining hair and a glowing complexion. It is in short, one of the best “super foods” on the market today.

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