11 Health Conditions Onions Can Help You With


Onions are native to Asia and The Middle East. Onion is the most cultivated species of the genus Allium, and the cultivation goes back to over 5000 years. It has also been used in traditional medicines since ancient times for its health promoting and curative properties.

The flavonoids in onion, which are responsible for many of the health benefits, are usually more concentrated in the outer layers of the bulb. To get the maximum benefit, try to peel as little of the outer skin as possible.

Nutritional Value Of Onions

Vitamin C – 11.1 milligrams. 19% RDA (Recommended daily value)

Folate – 28.5 micrograms. 7% RDA

Potassium – 219 milligrams. 6% RDA

Manganese – 0.2 milligrams. 10% RDA

Fiber – 2.6 grams. 10% RDA

Vitamin B6 – 0.2 milligrams. 9% RDA

11 Proven Health Benefits of Eating Onion

Prevents Diabetes

Onions are good for people who have diabetes, and people should include red onions regularly in their diet. A single serving of onions contains 27% of your biotin DRI. Biotin has many positive impacts on your health, one of which is combatting symptoms associated with type 2 diabetes. Early research suggests that a combination of biotin and chromium might help regulate blood sugar and even decrease insulin resistance.

Fight Cancer

Onion extract is rich in a variety of sulfides, which provide some protection against tumor growth. Some studies have shown, regular consumption of onions helps to reduce the risk of several cancers such as colorectal cancer, oral cancer, laryngeal cancer, stomach cancer, esophageal cancer, and ovarian cancer.

Builds Strong Immunity

Due to their polyphenol content, onions can help boost your immunity by protecting your body against free radicals. Plus, onions contain a trace mineral selenium that helps improve immunity by initiating an immune response and also preventing an excessive immune response.

Lowers bad cholesterol

Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong show that onions can help reduce the levels of bad cholesterol. Studies show that consuming half a raw onion daily can help to raise the good HDL cholesterol by 30%. Chives, garlic, and shallots are also effective. They all come from the Allium family.

Relieving Earache

A few drops of onion juice may actually prove immensely beneficial to individuals suffering from an acute earache. The ringing sound in the ear may be cured by applying onion juice through a piece of cotton wool.

Tooth Decay

Raw onions may make our breath stink, but they can actually improve our oral health. Simply chewing a raw onion can strengthen teeth and eliminate bacteria that can lead to tooth decay. Two to three minutes of chewing on an onion can kill most germs in the mouth.

Improve Digestion

Onions are high in fiber, which is good for maintaining a healthy and regular digestive system. Fiber prevents digestive pain and breaks down food can keep it moving.

Boosts Sexual Drive

Onions are said to increase the urge for a healthy sex life. One table spoon of onion juice along with one spoonful of ginger juice, taken three times a day, can boost the libido and sex drive.

Stimulate Hair Growth

Onion is rich in sulfur which is one of the essential nutrients in promoting hair growth. A study has shown that applying onion juice on scalp twice a week for 2 months will stimulate hair regrowth.

Sinus Relief

For a clogged nose and sinusitis problems, onions can help to loosen mucous, clearing the nasal passages and making breathing easier.

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