5 Health Related Reasons to Drink Fruit Infused Water


Water is one of the best substances for your health. Unlike sugary drinks on the market that include a lot of artificial ingredients and sugar, water is a pure substance. In order to make drinking water easier and tastier you can drink fruit infused water. By adding in some fruit, you are benefiting your health even more. Today, I will be revealing five ways fruit infused water benefits your health.

You give your immune system a boost

When you have a healthy immune system, you will be able to fight illness and not catch diseases and viruses so easy. Vitamin C provides excellent benefits to the immune system. In order to get a good dose of Vitamin C, without having to add pills to your diet, you can drink fruit infused water. Simply infuse your water with your favorite fruits that are high in Vitamin C.

You Can Meet Your Weight Loss Goals

Drinking water is always recommended to those who are trying to lose weight. If you infuse your water with fruits that contain pectin fiber, you are only benefiting your body more. Pectin fiber helps you clean your colon and control your appetite, which means you will eat fewer calories each day. Increasing your water intake will also help to suppress your appetite.

Digestion Becomes Easier

Better digestion is better for your stomach, liver, and intestines. The enzymes that exist inside of lemon help to flush out your liver. The liver processes and removes toxins from your body keeping your insides clean and healthy. Lemons aid in the digestive process, making it easier to remove the bad stuff from inside your body. Lemons are often used for detoxification, making lemon water ideal in the morning and throughout the day.

You Boost Your Metabolism

As we age, our metabolism can slow down. Therefore, you can give your metabolism a boost by infusing some of the fruits that help speed up the metabolism. When done with your water you can even eat the fruit used to infuse the water if you like.

Achieve Better Skin

Juices and sodas can taste good. However, they leave us with horrible skin. Fruit infused water tastes just as good and does the opposite. For an extra boost to your skin, you can add in pomegranates, which help clear free radicals from your body.

Water may not sound or taste very appealing when you think about drinking it plain. However, it comes with many health benefits, especially when you are drinking fruit infused water. Consider the benefits that I have shared with you today, the next time you are thinking of purchasing soda and artificially flavored juice during your grocery-shopping trip. You will find that preparing fruit infused water just takes a few minutes each evening and you will benefit from it in the long term.

Alesia Hsiao has recently started drinking fruit infused water and wonders why she did not start doing it sooner. She purchased a water bottle infuser from InfusionH20.


Alesia Hsiao
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