6 Unique Veggies to Add to Your Garden


Unique Veggies

If you’re thinking about what vegetables to plant to liven up your garden this year, it may be best to skip the predictable choices. This doesn’t mean that tomatoes and carrots aren’t great veggies; it’s just that they aren’t the most unique choices available. While you’re out shopping for your usual garden additions, here are some vegetables that you should definitely take a second look at. They’re not your usual fare, but these plants are very special and can make any garden stand out!


Vegetables don’t get much more unique or beautiful than the Romanesco, an Italian plant closely related to Broccoli and Cauliflower.When you plant one of these unique veggies, what literally grows out of the ground is something akin to a psychedelic experience. These spiraling wonders are so fascinating to look at you may prefer staring at them instead of actually eating them.The Romanesco is typically in season from late summer to early fall. But, be sure to invest in pest control. It would be a shame to see these beautiful vegetables spoiled by pesky rodents.

Bok Choy

This is the Chinese’s version of cabbage and it’s far more attractive than the more common Pekinese’s or Napa Cabbage.The Bok Choy may be a popular feature in stir fry dishes, but it’s also very good for you. The veggie is loaded with vitamin A and vitamin C. It’s recommended that you grow this vegetable in early spring.

Malaysian Dark Red Eggplant

This may be the most beautiful type of eggplant you will ever grow in your garden. While the color purple is hardly unique in an eggplant, there’s something about the Malaysian Dark Red. Should you need a pop of color that will awe the neighbors, this delicious variety of eggplant will certainly stand out in a sea of green. Best grown from late spring into summer, this plant can be hard to come by in the United States or anywhere outside of its native Malaysia. However, it is definitely worth the effort to get if possible.

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You’ve got to love a vegetable that’s also known as the Salad Rocket. Arugula is a healthy early summer plant that is great for those gardeners trying to be mindful of their health. It’s low in calories and is one of the best sources of vitamin K found in nature. Arugula is not only a great salad vegetable, but it also makes a good pesto sauce.


When you look at a Kohlrabi, you may scratch your head at first. It looks like a cross between a cabbage and a turnip. The fact that its name in German translates to “cabbage turnip” only drives home the visual confusion. Nevertheless, the Kohlrabi has a lot of potential. It is a cool-weather plant, so you can opt to grow it for weeks ahead of the last average frost of spring or you can plant it in late summer (provided that temperatures don’t exceed 75 degrees) for a winter harvest.


A fast-growing plant known for leaves with a slight mustard flavor, this Japanese vegetable is great addition to salads or stir fries. It’s resistant to many diseases, but may bolt in hot weather. It’s recommended that one plant the Mizuna as early as July for the best possible harvest outcome. No matter which unique veggies you choose to add to your garden, odds are they’ll be the star attractions and a great conversation starter. Hopefully, this will encourage you to think more outside the box in terms of what delightful and unique plants you can add to your garden. Be bold with your veggies and you won’t regret it.

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