7 Best Plants that Repel Mosquitoes for Summer Outdoor Parties


You may be wondering how to use plants that repel mosquitoes naturally this summer as you gear up for your lawn or patio parties. If you want to avoid using toxic, chemical mosquito repellent, you can simply grow these super plants and enjoy your parties free from those nasty critters.

Not only do these plants repel mosquitoes effectively, but they also offer the additional benefit of beautifying your lawn or garden. Plus, some even offer culinary uses which make them even more beneficial.

Super Plants that Repel Mosquitoes

1. Catnip – Catnip is an amazingly useful mosquito deterrent and has been proven by a 2010 research study to be 10 times more effective than DEET in repelling mosquitoes. It is an easy plant to grow and can be placed in a variety of locations outside.

Remember though, if you have a cat trolling around, your pet will seek this plant out and roll around on it. So, be sure to place it among other plants away from pet access or in pots around your outdoor living area for best benefits.

2. Citronella – You’ve probably heard of Citronella as an ingredient in common mosquito repellent formulas. However, did you know it’s actually a plant? It is a beautiful, clumping grass that stands about 5 or 6 feet tall and gives off an aroma which masks other scents around it. This deters mosquitoes from being attracted to other things located nearby.

You can either grow Citronella in pots and place around your outdoor living area, or you can strategically plant this tall growing plant in the ground for beauty and to repel mosquitoes. It’s very easy to grow and is a good mosquito repelling plant to keep around.

3. Marigolds – Who hasn’t heard of Marigolds? This small, bright flower contains Pyrethrum which is an ingredient also found in many commercial mosquito repellent sprays. As beautiful as Marigolds are, they also emit an aroma that is especially noxious to bugs. You can plant these flowers as borders or add them to any flower bed to stop mosquitoes in their tracks.

As an added bonus, Marigolds are great companion plants for tomatoes. Just plant a few around your tomatoes and bugs will stay away from your tomato crop because they hate Marigold aroma so much.

4. Peppermint – Another plant that mosquitoes hate is Peppermint. Mosquitoes and bugs despise the taste and smell of this plant, even though humans love the delicious, minty aroma. It is fast growing and offers additional culinary uses for foods and teas. You can plant it among your other flowers and garden plants, or in a simple herb garden.

5. Basil – This herb offers a variety of uses for both outdoors as well as in the kitchen. An exceptionally easy herb to grow, Basil deters mosquitoes with its strong scent and makes them scat. There’s many types of Basil, but pro gardeners recommend Lemon or Cinnamon Basil to run off insects.

This favorite herb is also great to grow around your patio, in an herb garden or in flower beds to keep on hand for cooking purposes.

6. Lavender – An easy plant to grow in containers or among your garden beds, Lavender also deters mosquitoes. This gorgeous, purple plant with the calming aroma to humans, emits a seriously nasty smell to mosquitoes. It’s a beautiful addition for decorating your next backyard party, so plan on growing it in strategic places.

7. Garlic – And then, there’s garlic. Garlic not only wards off fictional vampires, but it’s a dreaded smell that actually does repel mosquitoes! You can easily add garlic to your flower beds or to your garden for natural insect control. It offers excellent bug protection, plus it’s great for cooking.

Of course, there are other plants that can help repel mosquitoes, but these 7 are some of the best ones to grow in your lawn, garden or containers. Avoid using toxic mosquito repellent this summer and go all natural with these super plants that mosquitoes hate. Your upcoming outdoor parties will be comfortable, beautiful and smell good, too!

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