7 Health benefits of drinking water in early morning


You’ve heard it before – drink more water! Obviously, we need water to stay hydrated, but slurping down a glass of water early every morning will do more than hydrate you. Water is essential, but we often forget about its benefits.

Remove toxins

As you probably know, water is essential for pretty much all normal bodily functions, but it has other benefits as well. The American Arthritis Foundation advises that water is the best drink you could choose to remove toxins from your body. Like anti-inflammatory foods, it works to reduce inflammation and also helps keeps your joints “lubricated” to prevent or reduce pain. Since you haven’t had a glass of water since you went to bed, the best time to down it for toxin removing benefits is in the morning.


Since most people aren’t waking up in the middle of the night to hydrate, you probably go around seven or eight hours without hydrating. What better time to get a bit of H2O into your system then first thing in the morning? When you wake up, you are supposed to eat breakfast to jog your system back in gear and energize for the day, but the same could be said for water. It’s the perfect way to start your day on the right path and stay hydrated, especially if you’re also using a diuretic like coffee or tea, which contribute to dehydration, to help give you a morning energy boost.

Lose weight

Glozine lifestyle fitness tips always include drinking water to manage weight. The age old wisdom water helps with weight loss is backed by science. One study divided 84 overweight participants into two groups, both of which received advice about weight loss, but one group was also told to drink about 16 ounces of water half an hour before they ate. After 12 weeks, the participants who drink water before every meal lost more weight – about 9 pounds. Drink up right when you wake up so you can use this tip before having breakfast.

Aids in digestion

To put it simply, water purifies your colon and keeps you regular. According to the Daily Mail, drinking warm water will help activate your digestive system. Drinking hot water can especially help, but even if it isn’t steaming, water, in general, is important to maintaining your system to flush everything out. Not only that, but water helps dissolve what we eat and move essential nutrients from the food we ingest into our bloodstream and to our organs and tissues.

Essential for cell functioning

The USGS Water Science School writes that about 60 percent of our bodies are made of water, and that goes for the smaller parts that make us up. Cells themselves rely on water for healthy functioning, especially our muscle and blood cells, even helping to move our blood cells within out body. Water helps our cells reproduce, grow, and stay healthy. Just how important water is can be seen from studies in athletes – when they aren’t hydrated their performance tanks.

Improves cognition

Water plays a big role in powering your brain. In one study, researchers told 34 participants they couldn’t eat or drink for one night. The next day they were given a test, but some were given a glass of water just beforehand. With water, reaction time increased 14 percent. Pretty much everyone wakes up in this water-less condition, so sipping a glass of water in the morning will help boost your brain into gear.

Increases energy

If you’re feeling sluggish in the morning, don’t reach for the caffeine just yet – you may just need some water. The NHS warns that some symptoms of dehydration might be the same ones you wake up to – dizziness, tiredness, a dry mouth, and headaches. Whether you’re feeling gross in the morning or you just want to prevent those unpleasant symptoms, drinking water is the way to go. If you reach for caffeine, you might just make yourself more dehydrated and hence, more tired.

Water is an amazing source of life and nourishment. It makes our bodies run, helps us stay in shape, and keeps us going throughout the day. Unfortunately, most people don’t drink enough of it. Since it comes right from your faucet and doesn’t cost anything extra, make sure to pour yourself a glass of water when you wake up first thing in the morning to get your day and body starting off in a positive direction.


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