7 Health Benefits of Water and Tips on Drinking It Right!


Water is nothing less than an elixir considering the many benefits it has to offer. And while it’s easy to assume that 8 glasses of water a day should show results, you are far from the truth! That’s because just gurgling down a large amount of water cannot help your body.

If you’re ready to know how water can benefit your body and how you should schedule drinking it to gain maximum benefits, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how drinking adequate water each day can help you.

Maintains Balance of Body Fluids

The human body is composed of 60% water and important functions like circulation, a creation of saliva, digestion, absorption, etc. require bodily fluids. That being said, our bodies lose a lot of water from breathing, sweating, urinating, and passing stool. Drinking adequate water over the course of a day ensures that your body has enough fluids to carry out all of its functions effortlessly.

Tip: To stay hydrated throughout the day, make sure you drink a glass of water every couple of hours or so. Drinking the daily recommended amount at one go isn’t advisable as this can lead to a condition called hyponatremia. Drink more water if you’re ill or pregnant or breastfeeding, and especially before and after exercising.

Helps Kidneys Function Efficiently

While drinking enough water helps the whole body function as intended, it particularly helps the kidneys function efficiently. Since kidneys help eliminate waste and purify the blood, drinking sufficient water benefits the whole body.

Tip: While drinking 8 glasses of water seem to be the golden rule, it isn’t set in stone. Your body may need more or less water depending on the weather, your health condition, and other factors. Just remember to stay hydrated throughout the day as mentioned earlier!

Keeps Skin Clear

Certain toxins in the bloodstream can inflame skin, which can further result in clogged pores and acne. Staying hydrated helps the body flush out harmful toxins readily, keeping skin clear. Moreover, drinking ample amounts of water delivers vital nutrients to cells and keeps them hydrated, making your skin look firm and plump.

Tip: Drink a glass or two of water first thing in the morning to wake up your internal organs and flush out maximum toxins. Doing this on a regular basis is sure to give you glowing skin!

Controls Calorie Intake

Increasing water intake has been used as a weight loss strategy by several people. This includes drinking water and eating soup before meals to suppress the appetite, choosing water over other calorific drinks, and eating water-rich foods that are more filling while being low on calories.

Tip: Drink at least one glass of water before a meal to help you eat less and control your calorie intake. Doing so will also moisturize the stomach lining and prevent acidic foods from irritating it. Some experts suggest that drinking water right before and after, and during meals can dilute digestive enzymes, thus leading to poor digestion. To be on the safe side, drink water about 30- 60 minutes before and after meals.

Improves Digestion

Water helps dissolve fats and soluble fiber, and drinking enough of it prevents constipation and helps the body flush out waste effectively. This further reduces the burden on your kidneys and liver.

Tip: To improve digestion, drink water at regular intervals throughout the day. As mentioned in the previous point, refrain from drinking too much water immediately before and after meals.

Prevents Headaches

If you’ve been suffering from recurring headaches at work, chances are your boss isn’t responsible for them! Going without water for a long time means depriving your body, especially the brain, of vital fluids.

Tip: To prevent headaches, stay hydrated all day. If you do have a headache, just try sipping on a glass of water instead of reaching for medicines or coffee; the ache is sure to vanish in an hour or so!

Energizes You

Feeling tired or sleepy can be the first sign of dehydration. As water gets absorbed into the bloodstream readily, it can zap you out of your drowsiness in a jiffy.

Tip: Again, stay hydrated throughout the day, and choose water over other drinks!


Drinking water in adequate amounts at the right times during the day has immense benefits for your body. It’s not just about drinking water, but drinking pure and filtered water with essential minerals and without impurities. With the information provided here, you now know how water can help you and how you should go about drinking it.

So use the tips here to your advantage and get started on living healthy as soon as you can!

Francesca Holmes is a writer for PSI Filters and is passionate about natural health care. Her writing reflects her keen interest in spreading awareness about how to best take care of yourself using natural and organic products and methods.

Francesca Holmes