7 Natural Skin Care Tips for Going to a Job Interview


It can be hard enough for you to land a job interview. As the interview day approaches, you have to figure out answers to the questions, what to wear and how to style your hair. With all of these things to consider, most people forget to take care of their skin. A neat appearance and glowing skin can go a long way toward showing that you possess an attention to detail and self-confidence. To look your best on the big day, make sure to follow these skin care tips.

Tip #1 – Exfoliate the Night Before

One of the main reasons that your skin looks dull is due to dead skin cells. Fortunately, you can easy fix this problem by exfoliating the night before. When it comes to your lips, take a washcloth and get it slightly damp. This washcloth can then be used to gently exfoliate chapped lips. Before you go to bed, throw on a layer of lip balm and moisturizer so your face is well-hydrated by morning.

Tip #2 – Even Out the Skin

Blotchy and uneven skin tones are impossible to hide with even the best makeup. If your skin appears lifeless on the morning of the interview, all you need is some milk and ice cubes. Place the ice cubes and milk in a bowl and dip a washcloth into the mixture. Afterward, wring out the washcloth and lay it across your face for five minutes. Milk has a pH content that helps to brighten the face while the cold temperature also helps to liven up your skin. If you have problems with blotchiness, try sucking on an ice cubes. The nerves around your mouth are connected to blood vessels throughout your face. When the nerves feel something cold, it causes them to constrict and eliminates blotchiness.

Tip #3 – Breathing Life into the Skin

One of the easiest ways to reinvigorate your dull complexion is to splash water on your face. The cool temperature causes blood vessels to constrict. This gives the face a smoother, livelier experience. In addition, applying a layer of moisturizer the night before and morning of the interview will help to minimize wrinkles and eliminate dryness.

Tip #4 – Never Experiment Before an Interview

The worst time to experiment with your skin care or makeup routine is right before an interview. Unless you have tried the same products in the past, it is best to avoid them. Trying something new will take you longer and could end up turning out poorly. If you have to undo your experiment, it could leave you unprepared or late for the interview. At the very least, you would arrive at the interview stressed out.

Tip #5 – Eyebrows and Under Eye Circles

Most people worry about an interview before it happens. If last moment jitters are keeping you awake, you need to have a treatment for dark circles on hand. A cream concealer works great for hiding signs of fatigue. While you are focused on your eyes, make sure to take tweezers to your eyebrows. Well-groomed brows show attention to detail and are a must-have in the grooming process. If you need to put your brows in place, a drop of diluted hair gel can give you some added staying power.

Tip #6 – Creating a Natural Glow

As you prep for the interview, pay attention to the temperature of your shower. Hot water can remove natural oils on the surface of your skin and cause dryness. A brief, cold shower will leave your skin refreshed and looking its best. In addition, you should use a loofah in the shower to get rid of dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs. It only takes a couple of minutes of using a loofah in gentle circular motions to get your skin looking its best.

The best way to keep your skin healthy looking is to avoid salty foods, junk food or alcohol the day before your interview. All of these foods can leave your skin dull and blotchy. If you ate a healthy diet and still have lifeless skin, a little blush can do wonders. A peach colored blush imparts a healthy glow that adds vibrancy to the face. It works better than bronzer because blush actually imparts a natural-looking simulation of healthy, glowing skin.

Tip #7 – Last Minute Makeup Tips

If you want a beautiful complexion and professional appearance, you have to start with treating your skin right. Once your skin is moisturized, plucked and brightened, you can apply some makeup. Keep in mind that all of your makeup should be kept at a minimum. Natural-looking makeup appears more professional. You should avoid dramatic colors and stick to light coverage foundation. Mascara should be applied with just a flick of the wrist since heavy-handed mascara is better suited for a girls’ night out. Likewise, lipstick and nail polish shades should be neutral or light.

When it comes to looking your best at the interview, your skin care process begins the day before. Eating healthily, avoiding hot showers and exfoliating can all boost your appearance. With a healthy glow and natural beauty, you can go into your interview with self-confidence and a beautiful complexion.

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