7 Proper Ways to Make Your Coffee Super Healthy


If you do not already know, drinking coffee regularly is actually good for you. This is because it contains potent antioxidants that help nourish and protect the body against illnesses and certain types of cancers. However, too many people take this healthy beverage and make it unhealthy to drink. They do this by either drinking coffee at the wrong time of day or adding unhealthy ingredients to it. If you are wondering what the best, times to drink coffee are and the best times the information below should provide some help.

#1 Never Drink Coffee in the Evening

Coffee contains caffeine and caffeine is a stimulant that awakens people so they have energy and are more alert. Therefore, coffee should not be the beverage of choice in the evening unless it has decaffeinated, but decaffeinated coffee is usually over processed making it less healthy than the caffeinated kind.

#2 Say No to Tables Sugar and Artificial Sweetener

Whether, your sweetener is table sugar, artificial sweetener, or a sugar cube say no to sweetener in the coffee. Bottom line is they are unhealthy and make your coffee not as healthy. In fact, they only add extra calories and toxins to the body that could potentially cause cancer and other illnesses and diseases. If you must have some sort of sweetness in your coffee use raw organic honey or agave nectar instead. These sweeteners are healthier alternatives.

#3 Choose Organic Coffee Blends

Instead of making your cup of coffee with the processed or flavored coffee beans and grinds, try using organic coffee blends instead. They are not processed and contain tons more antioxidants, which means more health benefits for you.

#4 Add Some Cinnamon Spice

Cinnamon has the ability to take the bitter flavor out of a freshly brewed pot of coffee. It also adds health properties that can support the immune system and keep the heart healthy. Best of all, it can lower your risks of developing diabetes since it has away of stabilizing sugar levels naturally.

#5 Skip on Artificial Creamers and Overly Processed Kinds

Many people pour loads of artificial creamers and overly processed kinds into their coffee to help it taste more delightful, but you are actually making your cup of coffee unhealthy. Instead, use farm fresh full fat cream. It has been proven that high fat dairy products actually reduce your risks of suffering from obesity.

#6 Put a Little Cocoa in Your Coffee

If your looking for away to add some flavor to your coffee try placing a teaspoon or two of organic dark cocoa powder into it. Cocoa contains antioxidants and can help enhance the health benefits you receive from coffee.

#7 Always Filter Your Coffee

Using paper filters to filter out the harmful substances during the brewing process is a great way to insure your coffee is pure and healthy for you. Surprisingly during the brewing process, coffee can release a harmful substance known as diterpenes. This substance has been known to cause high cholesterol levels.

By now, you should know some ways to insure your drinking your coffee in the best ways and at the best time to receive the most health benefits from it. Now, go brew yourself a lovely cup, sit back and relax and enjoy the health and happiness coffee can bring into your life. Oh, and keep in mind, drinking your coffee black is best. After all, all good things come in the purest of forms.

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