7 Tongue Color: How The Color Of Your Tongue Can Reveal Health Problems


The color, texture and moisture of your tongue can be key in determining the overall state of your health. Here are some keys changes to look out for.

It’s all about your tongue, not necessarily a beauty feature, perhaps, but getting a close look at your own tongue will say more about you than you think.

The tongue consists of a group of muscles that allow us to taste food, to swallow, and to talk. Naturopath Laurence Kirk of The British College of Naturopath and Osteopathy says “Your tongue is richly supplied with blood vessels, and thanks to a constant flow of saliva, it is constantly being cleaned which discourages harmful bacteria forming in the mouth area. However, if a person is unwell, a problem can often be detected by simply looking at the tongue.”

Healthy Tongue

Let’s start with a tongue that shows vibrant good health: A normal tongue is pink in color with a light white coat on it, medium thickness, has no cracks, ulcers, or teeth marks. Test the surface by running your fingertip across – you should feel tiny nodules called papillae that feel slightly fuzzy. They’re the small hairs between your taste buds. OK, you’re good to go!

Here are 7 color common changes to be aware of:

Bright Red

It may seem ironic, but a bright red tongue, for instance, indicates a lack of nutrients in the body, particularly iron and B vitamins – responsible for energy, cell growth and the proper functioning of the nervous system. Equally essential in the creation of red blood cells are the iron found in red meat, shellfish, nuts and apricots.

Yellow Tongue

As with a black hairy tongue, this is a result of trapped bacteria. The papillae can become inflamed through being dehydrated, breathing through the mouth instead of nose, suffering from a fever or heavy smoking. As with black tongue ensuring meticulous oral hygiene should clear the problem, quickly returning the tongue to a healthy pink.

Purple Or Bluish

A tongue that is purple or bluish could mean that fluids and blood are not circulating properly. This lack of circulation quickly may translate into lethargy and poor emotional health. It some cases, it can lead to depression. A purple tongue is also seen in those with high cholesterol and subsequent heart problems, as well as chronic bronchitis, which adversely affects the airwaves bringing oxygen into the bloodstream.

Red Tongue

If your tongue is a bright shade of red and you have a fever seek medical attention immediately.
‘Strawberry tongue’ is so called as the red taste buds become swollen and appear to dot the surface of the normally smooth tongue just like the seeds of a strawberry. This can be as a result of the following:
Vitamin deficiency – Check your diet. Increase your levels of folic acid and vitamin B-12, by diet or supplement, as being deficient in these can cause your tongue to take on a reddish appearance.

Black And Hairy

Far less common is a black, hairy tongue. Though relatively harmless and short-lived, it’s unsightly nevertheless. It’s really an overgrowth of papillae trapping bacteria and other mouth debris. The causes include poor oral hygiene and the excessive use of tobacco, antibiotics or stomach medications, such as Pepto-Bismol. You might notice a metallic taste in your mouth and bad breath.

But you can remedy black tongue simply by brushing and flossing more frequently, and using a tongue scraper to remove bacteria. While you’re at it, cut out the smoking among the other unhealthy habits.

Brown Tongue

A spot on the tongue that has turned brown or darkly discolored could possibly be a form of skin cancer called melanoma. Seek medical advice if you notice such changes.


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