8 Effective Ways to Enhance Your Eyelashes


Having long fuller lashes is an aspect of beauty desired by many. Eye cosmetics have become common in an attempt to gain the perfect set of eyelashes. However, for most of these eye beauty products, the results are temporary. Do not be discouraged. There are natural ways in which the growth of eyelashes can be enhanced. These remedies are easy to use and offer a long lasting solution to your desired eyelash appearance.

Use Oil
Castor oil and olive oil are the most frequently used oils to stimulate the growth of eyelashes. On a cleaned face, apply either of the oils to your eyelashes using a clean eyelash brush. Start the application from the base of the lashes to the tip. Using a clean cotton ball, wipe off any excess oils from your lashes. This process should be made into a night routine to allow the oils to be washed off in the morning. Oils consist of vitamins and minerals that stimulate the growth of healthy eyelashes. The unsaturated fats in the oils moisturize the lashes thus avoiding loss of eyelashes. The lashes become longer, thicker and darker offering a fuller appearance.

Green Tea
Unsweetened green tea can be used as growth stimulant for eyelashes. Once the tea is made, it is allowed to cool before it is applied to the lashes. Using a clean cotton ball, the unsweetened chilled tea is the rubbed on to the lashes. The caffeine in the tea is responsible for stimulating and maintaining the growth of the lashes. After 5 minutes, the tea is washed off using cold water.

Lemon Peel
Lemon peel is considered a cleansing tool. Lemon peels are added to olive oil for at least 4 days to allow for the formation of a paste. This step facilitates the infusing of the lemon essence into the oil. The resultant paste is then applied to the lashes using a clean eyelash brush to prevent stickiness. The brush is also used to ensure that all lashes are coated with the mixture from the root to the tip. The lemon in the paste cleanses the lashes and stimulates the growth of long healthy eyelashes.

Apply Vaseline
Application of Vaseline on to the lashes requires the use of a clean eyelash brush or a clean mascara brush. On a cleansed face, apply Vaseline on the lashes from the base of the hair follicles to the tip. The brush ensures accuracy and prevents eyelashes from sticking together. This treatment is done during the night and washed up in the morning. Just as any other petroleum jelly, Vaseline has moisturizing capabilities that prevent the eyelashes from becoming brittle. This in turn avoids the lashes from breaking and falling off. This results into longer, stronger, and healthier eyelashes.

Eyelid Massage
A way to increase the blood flow to the eyelids is through massaging the lids. Using clean hands, gently massage your eyelids. The increase in blood flow increases the amount of nutrients reaching the eyelids. Nutrients such as vitamins, oils and keratin will ensure the growth of longer, thicker and darker lashes. For the best results, this should be incorporated as a daily routine.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is a naturally occurring substance in foods such as nuts and spinach. Consumption of these foods enhances the growth of hair. For a more direct result, vitamin E can be found in capsule form. The capsule casing is broken and the content of the capsule is applied on to the lashes using a piece of clean cotton ball. The lashes are moisturized and brittleness is prevented. Due to the nature of vitamins to increase the metabolism rate of keratin, they assist in the growth of longer lashes. Vitamin E also has the ability to thicken body hairs including the eyelashes. This gives the lashes a fuller, more vibrant appearance.

Use glycerin/egg white
Egg whites and glycerin have similar properties that assist in the growth of hair. Either of the two can be mixed with castor oil in equal portions to form a mixture. Using a clean eyelash brush, the mixture is applied on the eyelashes and left to settle overnight. In the morning, a cleansing routine washes off the mixture. The mixture strengthens the lashes and moisturizes them to ensure long, thick lashes.

Cornflower and Calendula Flower Extract
Cornflower and calendula flower extract are combined to form a mixture. This mixture is applied to the eyelashes using a clean cotton ball. This combination stimulates the growth of eyelashes and fosters their thickening. For effective results, the mixture is applied 3 times a day.

There are now numerous ways of attaining those long, thick dark lashes that you have always desired. Most of these remedies can be found and performed in the confines of your home. Natural remedies offer a healthier solution to your eyelash loss dilemma. Why settle for temporary solutions when you can have permanent, effective solutions?

Claire John
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