Acupuncture believed to help fight cancer by enhancing the immune system and supporting remission!


More and more people are seeking alternative cancer treatments.  Studies completed by the Survey Sampling International and The Research Intelligence Group report that two-thirds of people across the world feel disrespected by their physicians.  They also report that unclear communication is a major reason for patient dissatisfaction.  One-fourth of people across the globe reported that their physicians don’t answer questions, don’t involve them in treatment decisions and use medical terms without explanation. (1)

Two-thirds of people around the world feel disrespected by their physicians!

There is an estimated 13,776,251 people living with cancer in the United States.(2)  Many of us have cancer and precancerous cells in our bodies.  Scientists believe that cancer thrives with the immune systems defenses can’t or don’t react properly.  The high incident rate of cancer recurrence following conventional treatment, proves that the treatments fail to restore the immune system response.(3)

Following cancer treatment, the body may acclimate to the presence of abnormal cells and the brain may even send messages that support the regrowth.(3)

Whether pairing alternative treatments with conventional treatments or seeking 100 percent alternative treatments, there is greater understanding about the damages that conventional cancer treatment causes.  More and more people are seeking alternative therapies to help boost the immune system.(3)

Acupuncture found to boost the bodies immune system in order to fight cancer and remain in remission!

Dr. Wang Fuda of Greenville Research Clinic sees 100-200 patients per day.  Over 70 percent of his patients have a cancer diagnosis.  Dr. Fuda is an acupuncturist that believes that acupuncture can retrain the body’s immune system to defeat cancer.  The treatment he provides is rarely recognized by local oncologists as the reason for recovery, yet patients line up at Dr. Fuda’s clinic to share how acupuncture resulted in their cancer remission.(3)

Dr. Vivien Griffiths is an acupuncturist and coordinator of postgraduate studies at Southern Cross University.  Dr. Griffiths is also a breast cancer survivor, who initially did not consider acupuncture as a primary treatment. Following surgery and chemotherapy, she then sought out an acupuncturist.(3)

Following surgery, her acupuncturist used needs and electrical stimulation on her surgical scar.  Within 12 hours the scar changed from blue to warm pink and her pain greatly decreased.  The improvement allowed her to participate in lymphatic drainage therapy and vigorous physiotherapy.(3)

Dr. Griffiths found that acupuncture greatly increased her bodies ability to heal following breast cancer treatment and believes the acupuncture enhances the immune system, allowing for remission!

Dr. Griffiths now believes that acupuncture is an important part of post cancer treatment and can enhance the immune system and allow for patient to remain in remission. Following breast cancer, Dr. Griffiths aisles utilizes herbal medicine to support her immune health.(3)

“As a cancer patient, you receive a cancer diagnosis and a whirlwind of activity begins: constant tests, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation,” she said. “But once the cancer is arrested, it’s a long struggle to regain the health one had prior to the diagnosis. It seems as if having a strong, healthy immune system is not perceived as ‘that important’ by conventional medicine. You’re sent on your way and told to report back for a check-up once a year. You hold your breath hoping the cancer doesn’t return. When you get a good result from your check-up, you think ‘Thank God, I’ve got another year.’ Your life depends on those words ‘in remission’ or ‘clear.’ Who or what is helping cancer survivors to stay in that category?” (3)

While Western medicine continues to fight cancer in laboratories, it’s important to recognize that alternative medicine is making a difference.  Ultimately, people diagnosed with cancer want to join the list of cancer survivors.  In the vulnerability of this diagnosis, they also want to trust their provider, be treated with respect and be a part of the treatment process.

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