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Kjetill Oftedal, a Norwegian by birth, physicist, systems analyst and homeopath by education, multilingual at an early age--a result of being raised in the U.S., Norway and the Dutch West Indies--has lived and worked in various professions in a number of European countries and the U.S. Kjetill Oftedal has worked as a sailor, salesman, night guard, electrical engineer, North Sea offshore engineer and in the Sahara; tutor, high-school, adult education and university teacher; director of personal enhancement training institutions in Spain and Portugal; systems analyst, computer programmer; classical homeopath, multilingual translator, webmaster, managing director of a school and clinic of classical homeopathy he established in Spain. While in Spain, he wrote a book on the subject of electrosmog--a much neglected and often purposefully ignored health hazard of the current technological civilization--for the Swiss company Smogly, and, lately, he has authored a book and web-based courses on classical homeopathy. Kjetill Oftedal is the author of "Family Homeopathy and Survival Guide," a practical self-learning book for household use, which he is translating into Spanish. Kjetill Oftedal has always been interested in the unusual, mystical and occult, leading him to write a number of esoteric short stories, some of which are published in "Nine Dewdrops," available from Amazon as a Kindle eBook. He lives in Caracas, Venezuela with his wife Xiomara, where he writes and runs the International Homeopathic Web Clinic and Avila School of Classical Homeopathy. Director of the International Homeopathic Web Clinic and the Avila Clinic and School of Classical Homeopathy in Caracas, Venezuela. Author of the e-book "Family Homeopathy and Survival Guide." Former director of the Iberian School and Clinic of Classical Homeopathy in Estepona, Costa del Sol, Spain and Gibraltar. Founding member of the Spanish Association of Classical Homeopathy (Asociación Española de Homeopatía Unicista) approved by the ECCH (European Council for Classical Homeopathy).

Treating Ebola with Homeopathy

Natural News was made aware of a blog post that seemed to recommend a highly questionable method related to Ebola prevention. The blog post has been removed pending further investigation, and the blogger is under review. Natural News does not… 0 Shares |

Geopathogenic Zones: Would You Sleep with a Poisonous Snake in Your Bed?

I’ll bet most of you wouldn’t even think of it. But that is exactly what a large number of you are doing every night. Only this type of “snake” has a slow-acting poison. The snake is formed, among others, by… 0 Shares |

Treating Radiation Exposure with Classical Homeopathy

Now that Fukushima has been spreading its noxious radiation across much of the Pacific, increasing radiation exposure, among others, in the western coastal areas of the American continent, an alternative method of treating such exposure with classical homeopathy can be… 0 Shares |

How to Deal with the Flu and Survive Flu Epidemics

Background During its more than 200 year history, classical homeopathy has proven to be highly effective in epidemics, both as regards cure and prevention, with well-documented success rates in, among others, scarlet fever, polio, cholera and flu epidemics, and offers… 0 Shares |

Electrosmog: A Preventive Overview

What is Electrosmog? Many people find electrosmog to be a new concept. Pollution emitted by factory smoke stacks, toxic river discharges and vast oil spills are well known. The concepts of sound and light pollution are also emerging. Many cities… 0 Shares |

What Is Classical Homeopathy?

The Origin of Classical Homeopathy A natural law of cure was brought to mankind in the 1790’s by the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann. Since then, this medical art and science has spread across the world and is now rapidly becoming… 0 Shares |

Homeoprophylaxis: homeopathic immunization—safe and 90% effective

Homeopathic pills Long-term homeoprophylaxis for children Dr. Isaac Golden, an Australian homeopath, has developed a homeopathic immunization program he calls homeoprophylaxis. He has run the program for over 15 years and included over 500 Australian families in the project. The… 0 Shares |