Bad Foods that are Now Good for You


One day you hear a particular food is good for you and the next you hear it is bad for you to eat. This leaves you wondering are these particular foods good to eat or not. Well, this article should help clear these questions up for you.


You may have heard that eggs are horribly bad for you because of their yolks, which are high in cholesterol. However, new research shows eggs do not cause cardiovascular disease, but instead help support not only heart health, but also proper brain function and a healthy body weight. Eating ages on a regular basis can be a great alternative to sugary cereals since it has the ability to stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent depression.


Medical researchers use to believe coffee was the cause of type-2 diabetes, poor brain function, mood swings, headaches and even cancers. New research proves otherwise. Now coffee is beneficial in moderate amounts for preventing type-2 diabetes, increasing proper brain function, relieving headaches when combine with aspirin, boosting a negative mood and is a powerful cancer preventive against digestive cancers.

Red Wine:

It is obvious that drinking too much alcohol is bad for you and can cause obesity, heart disease, stroke, pancreatitis, fertility issues and depression, but other medical studies prove that a glass or two of red wine a day can help keep the heart healthy and reduce stress levels so other illness do not occur.

Whole Milk:

You have probably been told that whole milk is bad for you because it is difficult to digest, causes weight gain due to the fat content it contains and causes inflammatory diseases. Now, research say drinking whole milk is good for bone health and helps maintain a healthy body weight while supporting the immune system so illness has a more difficult time affecting the body. They even say it helps fight depression  due to the vitamin D it contains and is much easier to digest as long as it is in raw form.

Red Meats:

There is a lot of hype about red meats being bad for you, which they can be in large amounts. However, if you properly portion red meat and eat it once in awhile it can actually help keep the body lean and strong since it does provide a good source of protein. In addition, red meats provide a good source of iron to women, which is a necessary nutrient the body needs to help supply oxygen to the body and prevents irritability.

Dark Chocolate:

May researchers use to believe due to the fat content in chocolate that it was bad for you and contributed to obesity. Now, researchers are telling people like yourself that dark chocolate contains more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables alone, which makes it healthy for you in moderate amounts. New studies even prove that dark chocolate is a mood booster, beneficial to the cardiovascular system and can help prevent diabetes in some individuals suffering from insulin sensitivities.


You have probably heard researchers say the nuts can cause obesity, which is true in high amounts but consuming a handful of nuts each day can also help prevent several types of cancers and inflammatory diseases from occurring due to the antioxidants and healthy fats they contain.


Yes, you know fried potatoes or loaded potatoes with butters and creams are bad for you, but eating an organic one skin and all can actually provide your body with proper amounts of potassium, which is need to keep your electrolyte levels balances and your body from experiencing muscle cramping.


Heidi Kristoffer
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