Cancer Observations, Part 2: Raw Vegan and Ketogenic Diets


Ancient Roots

The idea of using a cleansing/detoxification protocol followed by a rebuilding phase with improved nutrition  and changed lifestyle to get rid of chronic disease and symptoms of “aging” is not new.    My guess is that there have been people aware of how to use this approach ever since human beings have been on the Earth.  We have documented evidence of this knowledge from at least two thousand years ago in a beautiful book from the period, translated from the original Aramaic and Hebrew.  I first read this book in the early 1970’s, and it has affected my healing journey ever since (    As this book shows, in ancient times, water fasting was the cleansing phase.  It was followed by the rebuilding protocol of raw, live food nutrition.  Both phases were augmented by sunlight exposure, water, grounding to the Earth, breathing and other forms of exercise, and positive mental and emotional direction.  At first glance the diet seems to be raw vegan.  But looking more closely, we see that it also included the use of raw milk.  Does that mean it was something like a combination or raw vegan and ketogenic diets?  This question has drawn me into a much closer investigation and experimentation, to find out what the old Essene system described in this book really was, and what it means for us today.


Before we get into details, I need to remind you that none of the information in this article is to be construed as diagnosing or treating any condition, and I would remind you that if you require medical advice or attention, please see your health care professional.  The statements herein are for informational purposes only, and are not a recommendation for action or inaction of any kind.

The Detoxification Stage

The first part of this old healing system, detoxification,  is pretty straight forward, and seems to be widely understood by the raw food adherents of our time.  The basic idea is that over our lifetime, we have taken in a lot of toxic substances through eating, drinking and breathing, and in other ways from the environment, from industrial and agricultural sources, for example.  The body, which has had to use most of its available energy every day for the massive job of digestion and elimination of the food we eat, has not been able to fully deal with the incoming toxins, and has therefore stored them “temporarily” throughout the trillions of cells in our bodies, until such time as extra energy became available to bring the concentrated, stored toxins out of the cells, to eliminate them from the body.

Generally the first opportunity to begin cleaning out the stored poisons is when we completely stop eating, for a long enough period so that the body’s energy is re-directed.  Water fasting used to be the preferred way to do that.  When the body registers that no digestion is needed, and no energy is needed to eliminate the daily residue from a large intake of food, it deals with the next priority job, which is to go back to where the toxins have been stored, and bring them out for removal from the body.  In this process, the toxic residues, now highly concentrated,   leave the cells, and go into the interstitial fluid with surrounds them.  From there, through the lymph system they go into the capillaries and veins, into the liver and out of the body through the intestinal tract, as well as through the kidneys, skin and lungs (breath).  Between leaving the cells where they were stored, and exiting the body, the poisons circulate through the blood and lymph, and can cause a lot of discomfort.  This stage has convinced a lot of people trying to heal this way to quit, and go back to eating regularly, which stops the cleansing and the discomfort.

Why Enemas?

Instead of quitting and losing the benefit of the cleansing process, it is recommended to use enemas and/or colonics to move the poisons out much faster and avoid most of the discomfort.  This greatly relieves the stress on the body from having poisons sit in the system any longer than necessary.  Dr. Gerson, in the early part of the 20th century, found that frequent enemas for cancer patients reduced discomfort so much that pain drugs were not needed, and this was an important factor in his success since narcotic pain drugs work to stop the elimination of poisons, which he found could kill the patient.  In addition, he found that adding organic coffee to the enema solution enhanced detoxification even more by opening bile ducts and letting toxins out more quickly.  The Gerson Institute in San Diego still teaches his protocol, and on youtube, you can find their exact directions for making and using coffee enemas.

There is no question that the Gerson protocol has saved the lives of many people, both cancer patients, and those suffering from other major diseases.  I have spoken at length to some of the survivors.  The last survival figures I heard from the Institute was about 35% survival for terminal cancer patients told by their doctors that they had no chance to survive, and much higher rates for earlier stage patients.  Those who rule the “health care” system in the U.S. will not allow the Institute to set up a clinic in this country to offer this treatment to patients, as it would go against the beliefs promoted by the radiation-surgery-chemotherapy mainstream medical system, which maintains a very tight hold on approved treatments in America.

Freedom in American Medicine Today

Freedom has so thoroughly disappeared from the American health care system, that parents trying to use holistic alternatives to treat their children with cancer have in many cases had their children “legally” kidnapped by the government, via “Child Protective Services,” whereupon the child is usually forced to undergo the standard toxic (and often deadly) approved medical treatments, as well as other types of abuse, which Mike Adams has covered in many articles for Natural News.  In fact the same thing often happens to parents who attempt to save their children from having toxic ingredients injected into their bodies by vaccination, often with very damaging or deadly results, when these children are also kidnapped by government.  That is another big subject (i.e. what vaccination really is) that we will explore in more depth in a future article.

Fresh Juices

So as explained above, water fasting was in the old days, the standard way of detoxification, but now we have alternatives that are safer, and accomplish the same thing.  Water fasting has become too dangerous a practice for the majority of modern Americans, as our health in current times is usually not strong, and we are subjected to so many thousands of toxins in our environment that were not present at the time the ancient text we discussed was written.  Letting all these poisons out of the cells at once to circulate even briefly through the body is dangerous for us now.  So more commonly, after perhaps a brief one or two days (when possible, depending on the condition of the patient) on water, fresh organic juices are used instead.  Gerson uses carrot, apple and other fresh juices, and others like Dr. Clement at Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, use green juices to minimize any intake of sugar.

Youtube has many testimonials from people who recovered from late stage cancer and other diseases using juices, enemas, exercise tailored to the patient’s condition, sun, fresh air and positive attitude.  This combination is very powerful, and as much for what the patient no longer takes in as for what they do consume (the juices).  Most of us are routinely eating large amounts of not only junk foods, but also cooked grains and other starches that break down in the body into sugar.  When that suddenly stops, cancer cells that thrive on sugar can receive an immediate setback.  Usually large amounts of weight are lost on this raw vegan regime (Gerson advises some cooked foods even in the early stages of the program, but Hippocrates Health Institute and other raw vegan teachers use 100% raw nutrition.  Personally, in my experience, I have seen much better results when cooked food is avoided altogether.

Ketogenic Diets

So in looking for the best protocol to maximize chances of survival, my impression is that eliminating cooked food entirely is superior.  But now another factor comes in that must also be considered.  Elaine Cantin has written a book on her version of a ketogenic diet, which she has used to help people suffering from late stage cancers recover.  In addition, she has used it to help stage one diabetics recover, and that is a very impressive accomplishment.  She has done it by eliminating all sources of sugar, so that cancer cells starve, but supplying sources of fat, which normal cells can live on, but cancer calls cannot.  She does not use raw food exclusively, but uses cooked foods, including meat, as well as raw.  Her results are impressive.  She does not use milk, which was the source of fats in the original ketogenic diet used by Johns Hopkins medical center, because she says milk is an allergen, so she has to use meat instead.  And she claims a lot of success (see her book, as well as interviews on youtube).

I think what Elaine has discovered, and used to cure herself and many others, is incredibly important.  Many have recovered from cancer on the raw vegan and detoxification regime (see also Dr. Gabriel Cousens at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona, who is well known for curing diabetes and other conditions), and one can notice that on this regime, almost all sources of any sugar are removed from the diet, just as in Elaine Cantin’s diet.  However, I have seen in the long term that many do not stay on the 100% raw vegan regime, and most of those who do not, go back to eating some percentage of cooked foods, which include starches that metabolize into sugar.  Perhaps, and this is just a question at this point, they have detoxed their way beyond the cancer, diabetes, and other diseases, but eventually find that they need some kind of more dense source of energy than they are getting on 100% raw vegan foods.  Many of them fight with issues of underweight, low energy, low body heat, and general feelings of instability emotionally.  What if the discoveries of the ketogenic diet and its benefits of nutrition from healthy fats could be used for these people (after an initial detox phase of days or weeks), so that they could find their energy and stability without resorting to cooked food that can make them again vulnerable to disease?

So my thought on this was, maybe the data that Elaine Cantin considered in rejecting milk as an acceptable fat source were not what she thought they were?  My impression at this point is that not one study showing the bad effects of milk has come from examining fresh, raw, organic milk, from animals treated with love and not abused.  I think it is very clear that milk products available in the grocery store, pasteurized (dead) from cows mistreated, overcrowded, eating GMO grains, injected with drugs, etc., this is a disastrous food for health.  But this is not really milk, it is some polluted and destroyed version thereof.  So I have been experimenting with fresh, raw, organic milk from grass fed cows, and so far, it appears to be an extraordinarily powerful health food, and contains enzymes to assist with its own digestion.  The cows are not mistreated, from the sources I have personally checked (which does not guarantee how they may be treated elsewhere).  The milk could be shared with the calves, putting ethics above absolute maximum profit.  Maybe, in order to make this food available to people on a large scale, small farms would have to be brought back nationwide, but that is something that should happen anyway.

In addition to the above, I also went further beyond the limits of raw veganism, and experimented with raw eggs, for additional fats and proteins, the basis of the ketogenic idea and the means of starving cancer permanently.  I knew from keeping chickens that they did not mind sharing their eggs, and in fact if one broke would enthusiastically eat it themselves.  They did, however, respond exceptionally well to being treated as living beings and not mere machines for profit, so again, I suspect the way to create this on any scale would require us to bring back small organic farms.  Chickens treated with love, like pets, will jump right into your hands to be held, and the lack of fear is evident in their health as well.  What I found from my experiments with organic raw milk and eggs was very powerful, in terms of gains in strength and lean weight (no increase in body fat, as happens with cooked foods) and a general feeling of calm, well being, emotional steadiness, which makes it easy to stay on 100% raw food.

Now the ancient text we discussed does not mention raw eggs, so I don’t have its support (or otherwise) on that, but it definitely suggests that raw milk is good to consume from a health point of view.  Nothing about it being an allergen, and I have found this to be completely true, when it is in its natural state.  It also makes excellent raw yogurt (not heated above body temperature) which has the healthy fat and protein, as well as probiotic bacteria that make an obvious health contribution that can be felt.

The Combined Approach

So at this point in my research, I have combined aspects of detoxification, raw veganism and the ketogenic diet (made vegetarian and raw), and so far the results are pretty exciting.  In my view, this is the kind of research that should be happening in health care, but instead, even in “alternative” branches of conventional studies, single variable studies are the rule, and these do not show the advantages of complete lifestyle “makeovers” that require changing a large number of variables at once.   The drug and high tech industries have to be protected, and what we get as a result has been a system that will not seriously look into anything that might challenge the massive cash flow the industry currently produces by making sure we all stay sick and disease never gets cured.  Drugs and vaccines and very bad food and environmental factors continue to devastate humanity, and health care personnel are intensively trained that this is the very best scientific medicine in existence today, and that they are not to trust anything else.  Whatever contradicts drug medicine’s premise is branded as “unscientific” and if possible, criminalized as well.

My Ulterior Motive

What motivates my own work, however, is very simple.  I don’t like that so many millions of Americans, and others around the world, are suffering and dying and living with so much pain, when a better way has been known for so long, and could be used right now if people only knew.  We may not have written owner’s manuals for our bodies, but we were all born with intuition and inner guidance, and even something that used to be called “common sense.”  Tuning into these things can cut short thousands of years of research by “science,” and give us what we need to live healthy normal lives again.  Certain remote civilizations have proven that it is possible to live virtually disease free for life, active and athletic until the day we die, when our Creator says it is time for us to move on to new lessons elsewhere.  When such societies, even if their healthy lifestyles are not “perfect,” get in touch with modern society and its products and its medicine, they magically start getting all the diseases that we get that are out of control in America today (study the Hunzas, for example, of remote northern Pakistan, who lived active and healthy lives to about 140 years of age, until a modern road brought them medicine and western “food”  And they were not even 100% raw eaters, I think they could have done even more).

So What Are The Options For Now?

So where does this leave us?  To my knowledge, there is no place in America today that actually practices and offers what I have discussed in this column.  I would love to set up such a place for those who would like to experience it in an atmosphere of support and unconditional love, but have to figure out first how to avoid being “swat teamed” and shut down by the authorities in our land of the free.  In the meantime, it is apparently not yet illegal yet to experiment with these things for ourselves if that is what we choose to do.  Nor is it yet illegal for us to personally share information on these subjects.  So if I had cancer or some other very serious condition, that is what I would do.  I believe people should also be free to choose chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, along with all the other drugs and toxic vaccines and treatments of western medicine, but I believe there should be 100% full disclosure of what this system really is, and what it is doing to people worldwide.  I strongly encourage every one reading this to thoroughly investigate on their own.  A very few brave medical doctors and PhD’s have honestly described the real results of western medicine as an approach to treating disease, and I recommend to read their work (a good one online is Death By Medicine, by Dr. Gary Null, PhD and Dr. Carolyn Dean, M.D., available as a free pdf, just type it into a search engine).  Likewise, with everything I have said here, do not just believe me, as I am fallible and always subject to making mistakes, and learning more.  This is the natural course of any real science.  So please, do your own research, which now, as long as the internet is still allowed to exist, is easier than it has ever been for you to do.

Find Your Path and Follow It With Courage – You Are Not Alone

You are not dependent on “experts,” because you have common sense, intuition, and your own very soft voice of inner guidance within you, letting you know what is right for you, even if it is not right for others.  You will find those that resonate with you.  We are all 100% responsible for choosing our own paths.  I just want to encourage you to wake up to your own brilliance, the love that keeps you alive every day, have faith in yourself, follow your path with confidence, as there is no one in the world that can do more than the best they can, open to learning more at every step.  It is an endless, magical, exciting journey, that you can choose any second to begin.

Richard Sacks