Cannabis-Infused Cooking Coming to a Restaurant Near You?


With recreational marijuana being approved in several areas, there are whole new industries that are fighting for their place at the table. Many entrepreneurial hopefuls are researching, experimenting with and developing exciting new products that are cannabis based – especially in the world of food. While images of marijuana-laced brownies on That 70’s Show may come to mind, there’s much more potential here. But it’s not going to be the easiest road to travel.

Anyone over the age of 21 in Colorado can buy marijuana-based food products to take home and try. The problem is that it can’t be eaten or consumed in any open public place or even any private gathering if in a public place. This puts a huge bump in the road for chefs and restaurants who want in on the action.

There’s concern over just how much THC is contained in a product, as it can be difficult to measure and accurately create the same exact thing over and over. Herbal Synergy LLC is taking a step forward in the right direction with their mobile testing units. Using gas chromatography, they travel to on-site locations, work with the growers, infusers, chefs, etc… to certify each product and offer information when needed.

Chefs, food companies, bakers, infusers. All will have to find a way to prevent foodborne pathogens. They’ll have to find a way to consistently produce products and dishes that are safe and certifiably so. And then wait. Well, wait if they’re going to serve legally in their dining room. As of now, food trucks or other restaurant type businesses are not allowed to sell marijuana-infused dishes. But there are plenty of people preparing for when that law changes and the market is certainly there.

Note: Establishments that sell packaged marijuana-infused edibles, for the consumer to buy and take home, can and do operate.

Inkshares, a crowd-driven book publisher, will be publishing Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis in the near future. Their previous book, The Stoner’s Cookbook, was wildly successful with tens of thousands of fans who follow them now on their site and social media. And the new book is already gaining a lot of attention, including that of cookbook mogul Michael Ruhlamn.

“What intrigued me,” Mr. Ruhlman said, “is the notion that you could figure out a ratio that would allow you to use pot in the way one would enjoy a martini and still have a pleasant experience.” (

But it’s not a mere cookbook. It’s being developed in the hopes of offering a complete, in-depth guide for cooking with marijuana. From the different strains of cannabis seeds to start with, to decarboxylation and why it’s needed, the difference between them and the science behind each one.

It seems to be just a small matter of time before the chef at your favorite restaurant will start offering delicious recipes that offer both taste and mood enhancing effects.

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