How Cannabis May Benefit Both Health and Economy


Cannabis, also known as Ganja, grass, Hemp, Pot, Marijuana and Weed, is a flowering herb that is used for recreational and medicinal purposes. It’s illegal in most parts of the country but has seen increased legalized in several states for medicinal use. Many people see the positive effects outweighing the negative side effects when using the drug and with the increasing legalization of the drug, cannabis is starting to benefit both individuals and professionals.

Not only are entrepreneurs using it to create successful businesses, but individuals can benefit from it medicinally and recreationally. Here is a look at the success it’s brought individuals and how easy it is to grow yourself.

Effects from Use of Cannabis

Cannabis can have health benefits in relieving stress, helping with nausea and vomiting, as well as relieving chronic pain. While it has health benefits, it will alter your state of consciousness, increase pulse and heart rate, distort perception of time and space, impair coordination and concentration as well as cause panic and anxiousness in some.

Most people are recognizing the health benefits as greater than the negative side effects. The drug is not only a stress reliever but it’s helping in treating illnesses. For example, it’s seen to be useful in treating Glaucoma, it can reduce carcinogenic effects of tobacco and improve lung health, it can help control epileptic seizures and it can help prevent cancer from spreading.

Pot Entrepreneurs Seeing Success

One man that’s found success from cannabis sales is James Howler, owner of a marijuana-infused taffy shop called Cheeba Chews. He started the business in 2009 in Colorado but struggled to find an accountant to help run his business.

Five years later, he finds himself overwhelmed with interest from New York City venture capitalists wanting a stake in his company. Now that medical marijuana is legal in 23 states and recreationally in Colorado and Washington, the weed market is massively growing. Marijuana businesses are becoming profitable and sophisticated and investors want in.

While Howler isn’t seeing a huge profit, his brand has gained nationwide recognition and is ready to expand. Cheeba Chews’ hand-cut and wrapped taffies have made Howler’s company the largest edible manufacturer in the country. They are constantly getting inquiries from companies and individuals looking to partner.

One sign of the growth in the marijuana industry is that professionals such as accountants, advertising execs and lawyers are seeking jobs in marijuana companies. Now that more professionals are joining the industry since it’s becoming legal in some states, the pot field is growing and being taken more seriously.

CNN announced this past month that a new reality program is going to be coming out called High Profits. The show will look at two entrepreneurs trying to become entrepreneurs of marijuana. The individuals want to franchise marijuana in Colorado as current owners of the Breckenridge Cannabis Club. They’ve seen huge profits since recreational pot became legal this year.

How It’s Grown With Seeds

Cannabis use has grown so much that people are now growing their own with cannabis seeds indoors. All that it requires is building a shelf that can drain, getting fluorescent fixture lighting and getting containers. By placing smaller containers in standard flats, you can buy standard potting soil and water it well before placing in your seeds. Once ready, plant your seeds and by watering properly, you can grow your own pot at your home. You can choose between two main strains of cannabis plants, Sativa and Indica. While the Indicas stay small, they have strong and thick stems with wide leaves. The Sativas will grow taller but typically have smaller leaves.

While pot has been an illegal substance for years, it’s now becoming more common, respected and popular in the business world and among individuals.

Veronica Davis