Cannabis Oil Approved For the Treatment Of Epilepsy In Texas


Greg Abbot, the governor of Texas has finally signed the bill, HB 2165 Regarding the legalization of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil that has shown some encouraging results in curing the intractable epilepsy.

The main apprehension with CBD oil was the presence of Marijuana in it. The Cannabis plant from which it is extracted is federally illegal in the United States of America.

Due to its promising results in the treatment of epilepsy, CBD oil has been legalized. This oil is a non-intoxicating derivative of the cannabis plant. It has been a long process to legalize CBD oil and now Texas is the 15th state to authorize it. Different strains of Marijuana are also legalized and cultivated, under the supervision of regulatory authorities in approximately 23 states, for their proven efficiency as a treatment of different diseases.

Prior to its legalization, very strict measures are taken for its prescription and use. The patients should be, for instance, medically confirmed that they didn’t respond to any available pharmaceuticals drugs for the treatment of epilepsy as reported by Anti-Media.

Marijuana-derived drugs are not only helpful in epilepsy, but also have shown promising results in the treatment of Autism, Dravet syndrome and Aicardi syndrome. One of the most critical points regarding the use of this drug is its dosage administration.

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, fundamentally, treats seizures that are associated with many other genetic or psychological disorders. Therefore, this drug has a wide application and covers many diseases mentioned above in addition to intractable epilepsy.

At first, there was a lot of concern regarding the safety of Marijuana-derived drug in children, but according to a study conducted by a pediatric neurologist, Dr. Angus Wilfong, at Texas Children’s Hospital, CBD derived drugs can cure epilepsy and the results of this study are very encouraging as reported by Huffington post.

According to High Time, the law states that patients who, initially, fulfill and qualify under the guidelines must also be granted permission by two state-licensed physicians to be approved to start the treatment.

Governor Greg Abbot said in a statement that there is no cure for intractable epilepsy and a lot of patients have shown little or no response at all to the available pharmaceutical drugs. The Cannabidiol oil, however, has shown very encouraging results.

Now, after the legalization of the Marijuana-derived drugs, very strict measures must be taken to ensure that CBD oil is not used for recreational purposes and to keep the regulatory authorities and pharmacies under tight supervision.

There are many intoxicating agents of Marijuana like THC attained from cannabis plant that are still forbidden in Texas.

Despite of the legalization of marijuana-derived CBD oil, it is considered as a controlled substance by federal law. Therefore, major banks are still prohibiting it. Facing this, CBD oil selling merchants are now clambering to start merchant accounts offered by a large number of companies like this one here to process their transactions.