Celebrities Poised To Deliver Vaccine Fraud Home Run


Through their actions, the mainstream media continues to choose a side in the ongoing vaccine/autism/CDC whistle blower case. Their side is complacency, silence, and neglect. This is to be expected when they are funded by large pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines such as Merck, Dow Chemical, GlaxoSmithKline, and others. With the recent dumping of Rob Schneider from State Farm as an advertising name and face, it’s now clear how far the tentacles of pharmaceutical money really extends. The conclusion of Rob’s services also ushered in the conclusion of State Farm’s integrity, trust, and market share among their customers and the public. This has further served to elevate Rob Schneider’s status, willingly or unwilling, as a major player and voice in the vaccine fraud and autism community. He has been bestowed with something that seems to elude the likes of State Farm, PBS, CNN, and others. That thing is trust, integrity, and courage. Yet let us not forget that there have been other celebrities that have come before Rob who, through their own individual acts of courage, dared to publicly take a stand against vaccines. Kristen Cavallari, Jim Carry, Jenny McCarthy, Holly Robinson Peete and others have potentially sacrificed their life’s work to go on record to voice opposition to vaccines and/or autism. In each case, the one trick pony mainstream media came alive to do the only thing they can which is character assassination. It is all to clear that vaccines are not to be questioned or doubted in the national spotlight from the continued blow back celebrates and non-celebrates alike receive from the agenda driven, vaccine manufacturer funded media.

It is only fair to assume that the above mentioned celebrities feel as passionate today as they have claimed publicly in the past about vaccine damage, the vaccine/autism link, or simply refusing to vaccinate their children. I am asking all of them now, and others who would like to join, to do a public service announcement over YouTube under the #hearthiswell campaign. By joining forces you stand a better chance of not being individually persecuted like Rob Schneider just was. In addition, your voice/message will be greatly amplified not only by your collective effort, but also by the already viral popularity of the #hearthiswell campaign currently in progress and Vaccine Injury Awareness Month just days away in October.

This brings us to communities. Doctors and nurses you are where the tires hit the road. It can end with you if you are willing to potentially put your pensions and/or job on the line to be heroes and heroines. In doing so you pave the way for others to come forward without persecution or fear. Under the viral #hearthiswell campaign, the first official nurse has already boldly come forward and went on record. This is historical. Congressman Bill Posey are you paying attention? The witnesses are staking up, testimony waiting to be submitting to record, and whistle blowers waiting patiently to testify. Meanwhile the trust and integrity of the CDC and medical community at large hangs dangerously in the balance. There is much more at stake here than a State Farm ad campaign or a social media backlash. I close with the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson directed specifically at Congressman Bill Posey, the Centers For Disease Control (CDC), Doctors/Nurses current or retired, and whistle blowers watching from afar or waiting in the wings:

Your actions speak so loudly, I can not hear what you are saying
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Jefferey Jaxen
A researcher and writer on the front lines of many up and coming alternative health modalities working behind the scenes to bring them to the mainstream. His work has been published by Natural News, Collective-Evolution, Waking Times, Om Times, Natural Blaze, and others. Jefferey's mission in life is to teach & empower others to heal themselves. Aside from being a compelling writer, Jefferey serves as director of Alternative & Holistic Health at The Flower of Life Center. As an active health researcher and creative force he also is part of the steering committee of the Awake & Empowered Expo.