Charitable Cancer Fund Raisers are Effectively Ponzi Schemes


If you haven’t been following Natural News and reading about the annual October Breast Cancer Awareness scam and exposing activities and outcomes of  the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, here’s  something to consider from Health Ranger Mike Adams’ Natural News article of April 22, 2010.

“The cancer industry isn’t even looking for cures for cancer, folks. The cancer scam is just too profitable. It’s a sweet gig and they’re raking in billions of dollars from gullible consumers who continue to be victimized by this fraudulent cancer industry and its dishonest non-profit front groups.” (Emphasis added)

Chief among those non-profit front groups are The American Cancer Society (ACS) and The Susan G. Komen for Cure. There are others, but these are the most visible with their “making strides” promotions, pink ribbons, and outrageous alliances with many cancer causing products to raise funds.

This from the most informative online alternative cancer treatment database guide available, The Cancer Tutor:

“All of the orthodox medicine non-profit organizations, such as the American Cancer Society (ACS) and Susan G. Komen For the Cure are in bed with the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. (the son of the founder of the pharmaceutical industry in America) founded the ACS in 1913!!”

Cancer Fund Raising Pays Well

Most of the money raised with all their fund raising campaigns, events, and product promotional schemes goes to cover their organizational expenses, which inlclude very hefty six figure annual salaries, bonuses, personal travel expenses, promotions, and lobbyists.

Over a half-million annually is not uncommon for CEOs, while lower management positions usually rake in a quarter of a million or more. More details with this 2010 Natural News article.

Bottom line is usually a very small percentage goes to cancer research. But that’s only to Big Pharma killer chemical research, which after several decades has a much higher death rate, much of it from the treatments, than a cure rate.

Four Ways Cancer Cure Fund Raisers are like Fraudulent Ponzi Schemes.

First, there is no Big Pharma cure and there will never be. Very similar to the finincial world of investments’ notorious Ponzie Scheme, there is no real investment. But a few people are making a good deal of money with your investments of time, energy, and monetary contributions.

A small portion of their take goes toward funding research for Big Pharma’s poison mills. They haven’t come up with anything that cures more than harms ever since the “war on cancer” was declared in 1971.

Second, there are already several cures, maybe hundreds according to the and others. So why keep “researching”? For more money and keeping the public psyched that “the war on cancer” will be won by Big Pharma someday soon.

This illusion, maintained by mainstream media, hides the safe, effective cures that already do exist but can’t be patented and controlled by Big Pharma with the FDA’s police protection.

Third, Big Pharma doesn’t need your money. But they’ll take it to add some chump change to their booty.

And the associated bottom feeders such as the American Cancer Society and Komen get financially fatter helping Big Pharma and the FDA maintain the illusion that Big Pharma will someday create something that might help more than harm.

Big Pharma already has billions for research and testing within the FDA program that guarantees approval while keeping out the smaller more ehtical and creative medical researchers who can’t afford to play the bogus approval game.

Fourth, folks are putting time, energy, and money into a massive project that will offer back worthless, toxic products at outrageous prices. This is as bad of a deal as big government bullying you for taxes to benefit mostly themselves, too big to fail criminal businesses, and the war machine.

So don’t buy “pink washed” products that donate a small percentage of their increased sales from identifying with cancer charities. Often those products are carcinogenic!

Don’t run or walk for any cures that won’t happen from Big Pharma but already exist with many natural remedies and protocols.

Don’t contribute to this fraudulant scam that won’t acknowledge alternative cancer cures, doesn’t offer real cancer prevention education, and makes big bucks helping Big Pharma sell you back their poison at high prices.

Sources for more information:

Mike Adams slams the pink washing 2010 with this heavy hitting article.                                    

Chris Wark of Chris Beat Cancer’s video presentation explaining why he won’t run.

Following the money.

Even mainstream media has their cancer fundraiser suspicions “balanced”  with fawning to one of it’s biggest paying advertisers, BigPharma.                                                                                                                                                                                     

Paul Fassa
I've been writing for Natural News under my real name (Paul Fassa) and under a pen-name (PF Louis) since early 2009. My pet peeves are the Medical Mafia's control over health and the food industry and government regulatory agencies' corruption. Thanks to the alternative health movement's information, I've rescued myself from the walking wounded. I'm 71 and living in Santa Fe - a haven for alternative health practitioners.