Cool Gift Ideas for Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Confused on what to buy this coming Black Friday weekend up through Cyber Monday? If you are like the millions of Americans who create their Holiday gift wish list long before the first stalls open their gates to usher in the gift-giving spirit of the Holiday season, there are plenty of choices that you can put in your list.

While e-commerce giants Amazon and eBay will be providing you with wonderful gift suggestions perfect for yourself or your loved ones or simply your best friend, you can technically scout for your own preferences.

Here are the top five gift suggestions that you might want to entertain before those retail shops start filling up with holiday shoppers desperate for great savings.

1.) Swegways

Whether you feel like being Jamie Foxx, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Soulja Boy, or even Kendall Jenner, giving yourself or your loved one a piece of the hottest gift item ever to hit retail shops that stocks are running out low, with a very long line of waiting list, will surely make the 2015 Holiday season worth remembering.

The Swegway boasts of space-age technology that you will most often associate with sci-fi movies. With gyroscopic sensors and a revolutionary electric motor, you will never have to worry about ever falling down or falling short of where you want to go. Lightweight and very portable, the Swegway often comes with its convenient carry bag so you can take it anywhere, pull it out from its bag, and ride off the way celebrities have done on the world’s red carpet shows.

2.) Electric Scooters

If you don’t like the feel of having your feet planted on two odd wheels without anything to hold onto, then you might want to give yourself the same Swegway experience but with handle bars. Electric scooters are next best thing to come after self-balancing boards. These are just like the scooter that you used to ride as a child only this time you will save the strength in your legs as it is already powered by an electric motor.

3.) Tablets and Ultraportables

Cyber Monday madness actually begins with Black Friday and will never be complete with the latest in tablets and ultraportable laptops. Although you cannot expect Apple to be giving away any discounts this holiday season, you might as well bump into one or two used tablets to satiate your thirst for these portable devices.

4.) Cameras

The world’s foremost camera technology experts will undoubtedly unveil some of their newest offerings that are sure to pique the interest of professional, enthusiast, and hobby photographers alike. From full frames to APS-Cs to mirrorless systems, expect that this year’s photographic technology will further blur the lines between a still camera and a video equipment.

5.) Toys

Toys are definitely not only for kids but for adults as well. The holiday season is known as the time for kids. Black Friday up to Cyber Monday will surely run aplenty with toys for all ages.

Getting ready for Black Friday essentially means getting ready for the month-long Holiday season celebrations. Carefully considering what you intend to give will surely bring smiles to the one receiving it. After all, it’s the giving that counts.


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James Jacobs