How to Dissolve Kidney Stones with Home Remedies?


Undoubtedly, kidney stones can cause extreme pain. Generally, these stones formed from the mineral salts accumulate at a particular and lodge in the urinary tract. Although, there are a number of medication procedures known to treat this problem, yet going natural turn out to be more fruitful.  Learn what all you can do to dissolve kidney stones at home.

Nowadays, kidney stones are becoming a very common health problem. There are several reasons behind their cause.  It can be due to the chemicals present in urine, like uric acid, oxalic acid, phosphorous, calcium and many others. Other common reasons behind kidney stones are excessive consumption of vitamin D, dehydration, gout, a mineral imbalance, and an improper diet. Similar to the reason of kidney stone, the size of the stones also varies greatly. It can range from very small, as tiny as a microscopic speck to as large as of fingertip.

Well, most small type of kidney stones eliminate on their own in about 5-6 weeks. But, in case it is large, it needs to be broken into small pieces otherwise it will cause greater pain. If you are also dealing with such kind of pain, here are some natural home remedies to help you out.

Cranberry juice: This juice with powerful antioxidant properties is highly beneficial in preventing and reducing the size of kidney stone. Basically, it is a natural diuretic which induces copious urination that flushes out the stone particles in the urine. It is the acidity in cranberry juice which not only effectively reduces the size of kidney stones, but also prevents formation of new stones. It is highly recommended to consume at least two glasses of unsweetened cranberry juice daily for faster relief.

Nettle leaf: Adding nettle leaf to your routine will maintain the flow of water through your kidneys and bladder. It keeps bacteria away and promotes smooth urination. And at the same time, it prevents new stones from. You can easily make nettle tea, which is highly beneficial and act as a natural diuretic. Just add two teaspoons of dried nettle leaf to water and bring it to boil. Allow it to steep for 10 minutes. Strain it and drink two to three cups daily.

Lemon Juice and Olive Oil: It has been used for years to treat kidney stones. The combination of citric acid present in lemon juice and olive oil break down the calcium-based kidney stones. Just add four tablespoons of fresh lemon juice to an equal amount of olive oil. Drinking this mixture two to three times a day, followed by plenty of water not only treats kidney stones but also stops further growth.

Goldenrod: You will get in different form, as a tea as well as in capsule form. It is an herbal remedy, which effectively help in dissolving and reducing the size of kidney stones. You can have it between the meals to help with the treatment of kidney stones. Consuming it daily help stones to pass more comfortably through the system. Along this, it is believed to offer several other benefits like reduction of inflammation of the kidneys, ease discomfort due to bladder infections and soothe backaches.

Basil: In herbal world, it is known as the tonic for kidneys. It helps induction of stone expulsion from your urinary tract and is good for the organs’ overall health. Just blend one teaspoon each of basil juice and honey in glass and drink it daily. You need to continue this five to six month and if you are not happy with the taste of honey, you can switch to pure basil juice. Alternatively, you can prepare a basil tea. It is quite simple. Just steep five to six basil leaves in boiling water and let it cool down for 10 minutes. You can add a teaspoon of honey for taste and drink it.

Remember, kidneys are one of the most crucial organs in your body. The kidney functions enable your body to detox and help you get rid of impurities from the blood stream. It might not be life-threatening, but stone hampers the vital functions of the kidney. So, follow up with the natural remedies and keep your kidney healthy!

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