Exciting New Research into Beating Cancer with Natural Frankincense Oil


Cancer is one of the most studied diseases in the world. Scientists from eminent research laboratories across the globe devote their time to studying how to treat and prevent cancer more effectively. Recently many researchers have been getting excited about frankincense oil. More and more evidence is growing that this natural oil may provide a powerful way to fight cancer.
One of the most exciting studies into using frankincense oil to treat cancer was released in 2013. Dr H. K. Lin presented the evidence at talks held in Singapore. The evidence gathered from this extensive research has created a great deal of interest worldwide. ViralCreek.com has some good information on this, as well as this other NaturalNews.com article.

Is all Frankincense Oil Equal?

One of the key factors emerging from the studies was that not all frankincense oil was equal. The Boswellia carteri species (native to East Africa) is one of the most studied of the frankincense species. This is because it has been found to contain a number of substances (such as triterpene acids) which are highly active and offer a positive effect on the immune system. However thanks to the opening of a new open distillery in Oman, researchers now had access to ‘sacred frankincense’. This is extracted from the Boswellia Sacra species, which had previously been a very rare aromatic that could only be purchased in Oman by those of the Saudi royal household.

The Essential Facts

From the extensive research carried out on sacred frankincense presented by Dr H. K. Lin, it was shown that sacred frankincense oil (from the distillery in Oman) effectively suppressed the growth of cancer cells, and was an active agent in promoting cancer cell death.

What does this mean exactly? In short it means that sacred frankincense showed clear signs of being able to kill aggressive cancer cells, and also kill those cancer cells that had developed multi-drug resistances. This is an amazing and very exciting result in the global fight against cancer.

Just How Does it Work?

In basic terms the active ingredients in the sacred frankincense oil (particularly the triterpene acids) were shown to activate an “immune cells attack” against cancer cells. This meant that the frankincense oil was activating immune cells in the body and opening cancer death pathways, effectively supporting the body in attacking and destroying cancer cells.

The studies found that the most effective time to start using the frankincense oil as a treatment was before any other treatments were instigated. Results showed that although frankincense oil did not interact negatively with chemotherapy, the effects of the oil were slowed down by this highly intrusive treatment. Also using frankincense oil before any surgery took place helped to contain cancer cells.

What Happens Next?

Although this research into frankincense oil is very exciting, it is still in its early stages. More tests are being carried out on frankincense oil and how it could be used to effectively treat different kinds of cancer into the future. The results so far are very promising though, and researchers will be looking into gaining a more comprehensive understanding of just how frankincense works as a treatment for cancer.

Veronica Davis