Healing Cancer Naturally – Resources And Stories


Healing Cancer Naturally – Resources And Stories is a follow up to my last article.  If you have not read Lilly’s Lung Cancer Drug Requires Vitamins To Reduce Death Rate you will want to read that first.

In my last post, I featured a story about Eli Lilly’s drug patent dispute over their blockbuster lung cancer drug, Alimta. When I first read about this story, I have to admit, I was infuriated!  It is always upsetting to me to see the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry take advantage of emotionally vulnerable cancer patients, all for huge profits! Now, Lilly is using ‘nutrition’ – not to heal cancer but to prop up their profits.

Development of Cancer

Disease does not simply appear overnight. All disease, including cancer, develops silently for years before it is ever diagnosed. Even with our amazing high tech medical and diagnostic equipment, a cancerous tumor, on average, develops and grows larger and larger for over ten years before it is even diagnosed. Unfortunately, most so-called ‘cancer prevention’ schemes are nothing more than scams. They do absolutely nothing to prevent cancer! They merely detect cancerous tumors that already exist. Certainly, early detection can lead to better outcomes; however, ‘early‘ is a relative word. Once medical tests are able to detect the tumor, it has already become a growth of at least 4 billion cells. If you wait for the tumor to show up, it is too late for prevention!

There is always a reason that disease happens in your body. However, it is not bad luck or bad genes. Year after year, research has shown that the vast majority of disease is lifestyle related, that is, disease is caused by your lifestyle. Cancer is no exception to this rule. You may have genes that make you more vulnerable to developing a particular disease, such as cancer; however, your vulnerability is not a death sentence. Angelina Jolie was praised for her decision to undergo a voluntary double mastectomy based on her family history. She did not have breast cancer, only a family history. Folks, breasts do not cause cancer! Lungs do not cause cancer.  Neither do prostates or any other body part. Your lifestyle causes cancer and allows for the expression of so-called ‘cancer genes’. Undergoing voluntary radical mastectomy simply because breast cancer runs in your family is absolutely ludicrous! How many people do you know who choose double pulmonectomy (removal of lungs) simply because of a family history of lung cancer? No one. That would be dumb! So then, why is it considered ‘heroic’ (as described by Jolie’s husband) to cut off ones breasts simply because you have a particular gene?

Disease Or Health – It’s All About Your LIFESTYLE

While genes are not a death sentence, living the standard American lifestyle is a death sentence.  This lifestyle is inherently toxic. It includes a ton of processed, cancer causing, chemical-laden foods, These cancer causing chemicals extend into nearly all traditional personal care products as well – everything from toothpaste, to deodorant and shampoo, to laundry and general cleaning products. It is no wonder that cancer is a leading cause of death in the United States. Preventing and healing cancer requires a radically different approach to how you live your life.  It requires a completely different lifestyle.

Living an anti-cancer, wellness lifestyle prevents cancer from ever developing regardless of your genetic makeup. It is a non-toxic lifestyle that includes a vast array cancer fighting foods and activities. I know that it can be difficult to grasp this concept – that you can prevent and heal disease naturally. In fact, most people who experience this healing take months to years before fully understanding and accepting this idea. Take some time to view these short videos about healing cancer naturally. I have included some testimonials as well. The purpose of this is to begin to empower your mindset to believe and know that you can heal, as well as, to provide you with additional resources for your journey of healing.

Healing Cancer Naturally – Resources

First, I have included several videos from Michael Greger, M.D.  His website, NutritionFacts.org is a great resource for nutrition and natural healing. From his ‘About’ page: “Dr. Greger is a physician, author, and internationally recognized speaker on nutrition, food safety, and public health issues.  A founding member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Dr. Greger is licensed as a general practitioner specializing in clinical nutrition. Currently he serves as the Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture at the Humane Society of the United States. Dr. Greger is a graduate of the Cornell University School of Agriculture and the Tufts University School of Medicine.”

#1 Anticancer Vegetable

DESCRIPTION: There are two superfood classes of vegetables most adept at blocking human cancer cell growth in a petri dish.


Which Fruit Fights Cancer Better?

DESCRIPTION: The ability of eleven common fruits to suppress cancer cell growth in vitro was compared. Which was most effective—apples, bananas, cranberries, grapefruits, grapes, lemons, oranges, peaches, pears, pineapples, or strawberries?


How Tumors Use Meat to Grow: Xeno-Autoantibodies

DESCRIPTION: Cancer may use a molecule found in animal products to trick our immune system into feeding it with inflammation.


Hallelujah Acres

The Hallelujah Acres diet and lifestyle has had a huge impact on empowering people, including myself, to live an anti-cancer, whole-person wellness lifestyle. Hallelujah Acres founder, Dr. George Malkmus, developed the principles the this diet and lifestyle while seeking a way to heal his own cancer.  Dr. Malkmus wanted wanted to find an option for healing cancer that was different than the predominant destructive methods that caused the death of his own mother. Read Dr. Malkmus’ story here.  Hallelujah Acres is a fantastic resource that I cannot recommend enough.

How To Sabotage A Healthy Diet

No one know the health benefits of The Hallelujah Diet better than Hallelujah Acres founder Rev. George Malkmus. But even he managed to sabotage his health by doing something that canceled his dietary efforts.


Dr. Joel Fuhrman and ‘Eat To Live’

Dr. Fuhrman is another great resource and I can highly recommend his book and resources as well.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman on building Super Immunity

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is an internationally-recognized physician, author, and “nutritarian.” In his research and medical practice, he has discovered certain foods that, when consumed regularly, offer the most benefit to the immune system. They’re not exotic foods that are difficult to find, in fact, they’re probably in your kitchen right now — and all of them are on The Hallelujah Diet! Watch this interview and discover how easy it is to eat your way to health.


BURZYNSKI Movie: Cancer Is Serious Business

This video is a full documentary about the cancer industry and one doctor’s fight against it in order to provide a natural cure for cancer. It is nearly two hours long; however, you should definitely make the time to watch it – it is well worth the time! If you have not seen this film, I recommend viewing the videos in the “Stories” section below first and then coming back to this.



Healing Cancer Naturally – Stories

Cancer gone in six months with raw food diet!

Dave “the Raw Food Trucker” describes how he was able to get of diabetes meds in days and cure his colon cancer within six months when fellow truck drivers teach him how to eat a diet of raw foods and juices.


Woman Refuses Chemo, Radiation & Double Mastectomy – Heals Breast Cancer Naturally

Lori shares her miraculous journey & approach to health & healing upon receiving breast cancer news a decade ago…sharing with us how natural cures such as macrobiotic diets can really help to make a difference!


Woman Refuses Chemo/Radiation and Cures Ovarian Cancer with Diet

The relationship between unhealthy eating and the development of disease is undeniable. When most people get a cancer diagnosis their doctors are quick to prescribe drugs and harsh treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. All of these treatments have a harrowing effect on the body opening it up to a whole host of other problems.

Holistic health practitioners, on the other hand, will often recommend detoxification methods such as cleansing to eliminate cancer from the body. Here Allison Biggar interviews European journalist and ovarian cancer survivor Evita Ramparte about how she cured her cancer naturally through a raw vegan diet without chemotherapy, surgery or radiation. For more information please visit http://www.holisticvoice.org.


Jerrod Sessler, former NASCAR driver, shares his story of healing cancer with the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle



This is just a small sampling of the vast amount of resources available online to help demonstrate that healing cancer can happen for you.  Even if you do not have cancer, then adopt this anti-cancer, wellness lifestyle today and enjoy radiant health and achieve new heights of wellness!


Dr. Brent Hunter
My mission is to help you Achieve Wellness! I am a Chiropractic physician with a focus on delivering the principles of a wellness lifestyle to people of all ages. In my practice, this is accomplished through providing specific chiropractic care and whole-person wellness education.

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