The Intricate Details About The Moringa Tree


The Intricate Details About The Moringa Tree!

Growing a Moringa Tree can be challenging, they grow best in warm tropical weather. In this type of weather this will allow the moringa oleifera species to be exact, to grow continually without being stunted.  Some of the best US Hardiness Zones are 9, 10 and 11, but with proper care the moringa will just about grow anywhere. Moringa trees are delicate and demand respect; there is about a 50% survival rate when transplanting them. First root shock can occur if the soil is disturbed which can proceed to air exposure and other airborne elements not needed near sensitive tap roots, let alone the core-root. Now to increase the survival rate when transplanting moringa; vitamin B1 is one of the keys to my preventive measures and success stories.


Growing Conditions:

I recommend that vitamin B1, be added to all moringa tree transplants. I have noticed an increase from root shock at about an 85% survival rate using 1 cup per gallon of water. For more, allow me to bring to your attention that moringa trees, all “thirteen species” of them, have no need for fertilizers if your soil has a well balanced eco-system, the proper order of microorganisms. Hot/Cold Climates: In 70 to 98 degrees the moringa tree will grow as a perennial, year around. Past dealings have yielded from the seed that they can grow , a foot in two weeks time. You can have a 15 foot moringa tree in no time soon in this type of weather. When it comes to colder climates; the 20’s and below, lasting for long periods, will totally do a moringa no justice. So if you want them year around, they must be grown inside your home or in a heated greenhouse, keeping a temperature of 70 degrees plus. Remember, the cooler the temperature gets, the slower the moringa tree will grow; more mature and larger trees become more cold tolerant. Younger moringa trees will; a lot of times die back and go into hibernation, leaving the owner until the weather heats back up again.


Moringa Health Benefits:

Coming from; “a knowledge is power perspective”, the moringa is changing many circumstances in peoples lives around the world.  From assisting those with glaucoma, impotence, high & low blood pressure, diabetes, to detoxifying the liver. Total fortification should be stamped on this highly nutritious plant.  By implementing moringa in your daily diet, capsule or powder form, this will start revitalizing your entire being immediately.  Your energy level will be the first noticeable factor, and for most, a sharper thinking structure will develop, a precise appetite will increase, better lubricated joints, stool without pain should appear, to seeing open cuts heal faster than usual. Yes! a complete multi-vitamin and mineral supply will be introduced into your body count, not to mention, 18 amino acids, and 40 antioxidants, bringing the real you to a replenished, toxic free state. For the record, “remember,” anything good for you doesn’t come easy, discipline must be respected to obtain the rewards of renewal. With this said, to be healthy is to be smart!


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