Lemonade That Reduces Wrinkle, Improves Cellulite & Heals Gut Naturally


Lemon has proved to be nature’s boon to everyone who uses it. Lemon juice is a natural alpha hydroxyl acid, astringent, antiseptic and detoxifying, antioxidant and alkalizing. It provides many valuable solutions to health-related problems, because it contains its own set of antiseptic and natural medications.

In addition, lemons are high in vitamin C, B6, potassium, folic Acid and flavonoids. Vitamin C is needed to produce and maintain collagen and studies have recently shown that vitamin C can help protect against the damaging effect of the sun.

Home-made Lemonade Recipe:


1 cup hot water, heated over the stove
5 tbsp collagen(you can use more or less depending on how often you normally take it, start slow)
7 cups filtered water
Juice of 2-3 lemons (depending on how sour you like it)
5 lemon slices
6 tbsp maple syrup (more if you’d like it sweeter)


-Dissolve the gelatin into one cup of hot water.
-Combine that with the rest of the water, the juice of the lemons, the maple syrup and stir.
-Top with lemon slices and chill until cold.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and is the substance that holds the whole body together. It is found in the bones, muscles, skin and tendons, where it forms a scaffold to provide strength and structure.

Collagen Benefits

Skin and Hair

Collagen also works to keep the skin looking firm, tight, flexible and youthful looking. Young people naturally produce more collagen than older people. With age, the collagen in the body breaks down leading to wrinkles and folds around the mouth. As such, collagen stimulation leads to a more youthful looking skin.


Various studies indicate that chicken collagen supplements can be effective in the treatment of pain, swelling as well as stiffness around joints. This type of collagen is mostly used by people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Leaky Gut

Collagen help to break down proteins and soothe your gut’s lining, healing damaged cell walls and infusing it with healing amino acids. It will also help absorb water, keeping things moving freely in the digestive tract.

Reduce Cellulite/Stress Marks

When skin loses its elasticity as a result of decreased collagen, there’s another side effect: more visible cellulite! Because your skin is now thinner, cellulite becomes more evident — no more hiding what’s happening below the surface. Improving your skin’s elasticity through collagen will help reduce that dimpling on your skin.



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