How to Make Healthy, Delicious Reishi Tea


Reishi has been known to help cancer because of its immune boosting effect. However most people do not know how to use Reishi mushrooms. Reishi mushrooms are inedible. They have a tough spongy core that is tough and indigestible. The only way to take in Reishi is as a tea.

Where to Buy Black Reishi
Most large Asian Grocery stores will carry both the black and red Reishi. Most Chinese herb shops will carry Reishi too.

Different Variety of Reishi
There are many variety of Reishis. They grow all over the world and come in different colors. The most common Reishi prescribed are the red variety that is very bitter and horrible tasting. Then there is the black variety that is easy on the palate. This particular one is black on the outside with brown underside.

Reishi Tea Ingredient
The black Reishi practically has no taste so must be combine with other herbs to make a flavorful tea.

To make a sweet tasting Reishi tea combine with Luo Han Guo (Siraitia grosvenori fruit) and Da Zao (dried Jujube fruit.)

Luo Han Guo is a natural sweetener that is much sweeter than sugar. It is believed to be 150 times sweeter than sucrose (sugar.) Luo Han Guo has antioxidants in it. It is low-caloric and low-glycemic. So another words, it will not make you gain weight unlike sugar.

Jujube fruit gives the tea more flavor.

The tea has a very unique texture. The polysacchirides that suspend in the tea gives it a smooth liquid texture like drinking expensive tequila. The longer you soak it the more the polysacchirides are extracted out of the mushroom. Remember the polysacchirides in Reishi is what gives it the immune boosting ability.

How to Brew the Tea
The best way to make this tea is to soak it over 2 hours. I have personally found a coffee maker is the best way to make this tea. Instead of putting it in the strainer, put the Reishi mushroom along with the other ingredients in the glass container. Make sure you crush the Luo Han Guo. Let it sit for at least two hours with the coffeemaker on. The heat creates a convection in the water the gently stir the tea and extract the chemicals in the herbs. The Luo Han Guo is extremely sweet. Adjust the quantity of Luo Han Guo for the sweetness of the tea.

Health Benefits of the Tea
Because of the combined herbs in the tea it has the benefits of the Reishi, Luo Han Guo, and Jujube fruit.

The tea helps calm you down and enhance one’s ability to focus. Drinking the tea will give you a very relaxed feeling. It helps with dry cough and can relieve asthma. It can also strengthen immune system because of the Reishi.

Polysacchirides Immune Boosting

Dan Bensky book

Luo Han Guo

Anti-Cancer of Reishi

Medicinal Use of Reishi

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