Why You Must Add Emu Oil to your Skin Care Regime


Every day, science progresses in so many areas, sometimes by a little and sometimes by leaps and bounds. Most of the time, that progress is made by discovering or creating a new substance or finding new and exciting properties of an existing substance. But once in a while, science isn’t discovering something new, but rather catching up to knowledge that people around the world have had for thousands of years. That’s exactly the case with emu oil, and once you see just what emu oil can do for you skin, you’ll wonder how you’ve spent so much time and money on skin care without trying it before now.

If you have been following the trends in the world of skin care, you’ll notice that everyone from brand new cosmetics start-ups to major skincare product manufacturers are adding emu oil to their list of ingredients. That’s because of how much new information has come out about how beneficial it is for all kinds of skin.  The aborigines in Australia have known how powerful this substance is for centuries, treating dry, cracked and sunburned skin with it. Now, health experts like the editors of First for Women Magazine and Dr. Oz are getting the word out about the amazing benefits of emu oil.

What exactly is Emu Oil?

Natural emu oil doesn’t just help restore and heal the skin. There are a number of other benefits as well. But first, what exactly is emu oil and how are modern scientists developing it for better health. First, emu oil is a byproduct that is found on emu meat. It is a fatty substance that contains some pretty amazing things. Even though aborigines used the emu oil pretty much as-is, our scientists are sanitizing and deodorizing the emu oil on the market to make it easy to use.

So, why hasn’t anyone come forward with this information before if it’s such a revolutionary breakthrough? Simple. The emu bird is native to Australia and the meat is just now starting to make its way into the mainstream as a food source. No one knew about it before – and that includes the oil.

Why is Emu Oil so Beneficial?

Much of the reason why there are so many benefits to emu oil for skincare and other health areas is attributed to what emu oil contains. The Aborigines have been using it as a remedy for various problems for years because it is the only substance on earth that is made up of 70% Omega-9, 20% Omega-6 and around 2% Omega-3 fatty acids.  These fatty acids are essential to healthy skin, including preventing problems like eczema. These fatty acids are also helpful in protecting hair from destructive processes like dyeing, straightening and more which can remove the protection that these fatty acids provide.

The Primary Benefits of Emu Oil

The first benefit of emu oil that we’re going to discuss is skin care, which is probably the primary use that this wonderful substance has. As mentioned, it can be used for treating dry, flaky skin and sunburns, but it can also restore skin, getting rid of lines, wrinkles and blemishes. Emu oil has anti-inflammatory properties that make it perfect for skin care and healing as well as the fatty acids mentioned earlier. It is hypo-allergenic and has one of the highest purity levels of any product out there. There are no known side effects to using emu oil.

Because of the anti-inflammatory properties, emu oil is also pretty amazing at treating joint pain – which is caused by inflammation. There have actually been studies in both the United States and Australia that have shown emu oil is effective at treating joint pain and help to treat it long-term. Since you apply it dermally, you also get skin benefits when you use it for joint pain.

Other Benefits of Emu Oil

There are numerous other benefits of emu oil as well as the primary ones that are listed above. Many of these benefits have been discovered in studies of this substance or have been tested under laboratory conditions. For example, a study of emu oil’s effect on aging found that the thickness of dry, aged skin doubled or tripled after using emu oil and wrinkles and blemishes like age spots were seriously reduced. emu oil has also been found to treat scars, stretch marks and other skin marks. Arthritis pain can be lessened by using emu oil and it can also treat cuts, scrapes and burns.

Why is it Vital to Use Certified Emu Oil

Always make sure that you choose AEA certified emu oil because you can’t be sure of what you are getting otherwise. AEA certification oversees things like the refining process, the scientific analysis of the finished product and the packaging and safety.

Vincent John