Natural Cleaning Solutions for Kitchen Countertops


When you finally get your brand new kitchen countertops installed, a sample bottle of commercial cleaning solution is often included for free. This comes across to the consumer as a courtesy, but of course the cleaner manufacturer is hoping you will be so impressed with the clean and shine power of their product that you will become a loyal customer for the life of your countertops. Since many granite countertops come with a 25 year warranty from the installer, the life of your countertops would equal many years of product purchases.

It is hard to resist the allure of the shiny kitchen countertop that these commercial products provide. With the promise of disinfecting, cleaning and polishing, why not use commercial cleaning products? Some homeowners may even be under the belief that these commercial products are unique in some way, or that by not using them, they may damage their countertop. However, there are lots of reasons why you shouldn’t feel compelled to use them.

First, many commercial cleaning products contain chemicals that are less than healthy for the environment and for people. A quick look on the back of the containers will confirm this. Second, most commercial countertop cleaning products are quite expensive compared to alternatives.

You can definitely accomplish the same or even better results for disinfecting, cleaning and polishing kitchen countertops when you opt for natural cleaning products. Follow these instructions to make your own natural kitchen countertops cleaning solutions, save money and preserve your family’s good health.

Disinfect with Steam

Good old-fashioned hot water and steam work just as well as bleach or other harsh, acidic liquids to get rid of germs on your kitchen countertops. The hot water will be too hot for your hands, so you need to either wear thick rubber gloves, or invest in a steam cleaner with a countertop attachment. Always use a fresh and clean cloth to clean your countertops. Don’t try using the same sponge or rag you used to wash your dishes, even if it is filled with dish soap.

Clean with Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a natural cleaner and disinfectant in one. You can dilute it down to one cup for every 8 cups (1/2 gallon) of water. The alcohol will cut right through any lingering grease on your countertop. Since it’s no acidic like vinegar or lemon, you won’t have to worry about the solution pitting your countertops. The best option for this cleaning solution is to mix up a batch and keep it in a labeled spray bottle in your kitchen. If you want to scent the solution, try adding a few drops of essential oil.

Polish with Beeswax and Coconut Oil

A beeswax and coconut oil formulation will return a high sheen to your kitchen countertops. Beeswax and coconut oil are natural antibacterial agents. Together, they provide a clean, high gloss surface on which you can prepare your family’s meals.

For this purpose, you don’t need to buy the expensive or organic brands. Look for beeswax pastilles or grate bars of beeswax, which you can find online or in craft stores. In a double boiler, melt together ¼ cup beeswax with one cup of regular coconut oil (you can find inexpensive, bulk coconut oil in big box stores). Store in a jar with a screw top lid. The formula will solidify overnight. Use like a paste and apply with a clean cloth. Buff your countertops with the solution for a glossy finish.

These natural cleaning solutions for your kitchen countertops will keep them in the best condition possible over their entire lifetime. Taking a little time to prepare these inexpensive alternatives to commercial cleaning products will save you money and contribute to your family’s overall health.

About the Author: Kate Supino writes extensively about healthy lifestyles, which include quality countertop options that support holistic living, such as solid surface granite.



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