Natural Ways to Boost Your Hair’s Health


If your hair has been feeling dry and brittle lately, don’t rush to the store to get a new conditioner. A lot of them are loaded with silicone, which can escalate the problem even further. There are plenty of natural remedies that will help restore the life and shine of your hair, from watching the foods you eat to avoiding the habits that can be damaging to your scalp.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Foods rich in Vitamins A and C assist your body in the production of sebum, an oil that keeps your hair and skin moisturized, acting like a natural conditioner. Packed with these vitamins, dark leafy vegetables will do miracles for your hair, especially varieties like spinach, kale and collard greens. You might want to try adding more fish, nuts, avocados and flaxseeds to your diet as well. These foods are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which promote healthy scalp. Legumes and beans contain a lot of protein, biotin, iron and zinc – all important ingredients for healthy hair. Eggs have omega-3 fats as well, plus they are a good source of protein.

Break a Sweat

In addition to multiple other benefits you will get from exercising, breaking a sweat on a regular basis can also help restore the health of your hair. It improves blood circulation, pumping more oxygen to the scalp, and it also relieves stress, which is a widespread cause for hair loss. Try incorporating backbends and inverted poses into your workout routine to get even more blood flowing to your scalp.

Avoid Hair Damaging Habits

Prevention of course is always the better solution. Check out these quick tips.

  1. Avoid chemical treatments as much as possible, and only do them on rare occasions if necessary. If you must die your hair, stick to the shades that are close to your natural color. Keep in mind that the more extreme of a color change you go with, the longer you’ll have to keep the color in and the more likely you are to damage your hair.
  2. On the days when you are not in a hurry to leave the house, let your hair dry naturally after the shower. Blow drying it too frequently can result in heat damage and hair loss. If you must blow dry every day because of the lack of time, turn down the heat and lower the power setting.
  3. Avoid brushing too often as well, especially when you hair is wet. Wait for the hair to dry and use a brush that has ball-tipped bristles, which are gentler on your scalp.
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