Oncologist Pleads Guilty on 16 Counts for Administering Unnecessary Chemotherapy, Fraud


It’s becoming increasingly evident that in order to maintain physical and mental health, one must continually ask questions, engage in their own research, and never take something for truth just because it came from a so-called “respectable” source. While some may say, “well, of course it’s wise to get second opinions and consider all possibilities when it comes to health,” or others may take offense that we dare question well-educated authority figures who have several years of experience, there are also those who wholeheartedly trust medical professionals, believing that their doctors are doing what’s truly right for them and all of humankind.

Sadly, not all medical professionals are doing what’s truly right for humankind, and instead focusing on what is right for their bank accounts.

Doctor Administers Chemo to Patients who Didn’t Even Have Cancer

For example, Dr. Farid Fata, a Michigan oncologist, administered unnecessary chemotherapy treatments to the tune of $35 million in Medicare fraud.(1) In some instances, he even told patients they had cancer when they did not, then proceeded to order chemotherapy treatments for these individuals.

Milton Berz was one patient impacted by Dr. Fata’s actions.

His son Jeff explains that under Dr. Fata’s care, Milton received chemotherapy for leukemia.(1) Even as his father’s health got worse, “Fata wouldn’t stop chemo, and went to great lengths to administer it,” says Jeff. He describes occasions where his father would arrive at Dr. Fata’s office and staff would come to him in the parking garage to administer the therapy session while he sat in his car.(1)

Milton Berz died a few months later.

Pleading Guilty, Plus, How Such Greed Impacts Everyone

Dr. Fata has plead guilty to 16 counts of healthcare fraud and misdiagnosing patients.(2) Specifically, the breakdown is as follows: 13 counts of healthcare fraud, two counts of money laundering and one kickback count.(2)

His case is ripe with all the makings of greed and fraud that has included visits by federal agents to his house, a wife who served as the company’s chief financial officer who remains silent, and a doctor that lived in a plush mansion while engaging in healthcare fraud and horrific treatment of patients.(1)

“It not only affects the patients who are sometimes put in harm’s way, but also the taxpayers,” says Gary Cantrell, deputy inspector for investigations in the U.S. Office of Inspector General. “All of us are contributing to the Medicare and Medicaid programs, and these are the dollars that are going out the door as a result of the greed of a few providers.”(1)

Who Do We Trust?

Such actions are more than just eye-opening. They are disturbing and heart-breaking. Unfortunately, even getting second or third opinions is not necessarily the answer, as more people become filled with a “who do we trust anymore?” mind set.

Perhaps NaturalNews.com editor Mike Adams sums it up best saying, “It is a giant orgy of corruption that’s called medicine. If you take these drugs, if you take these vaccines, you are a sucker of these industries who are using your body to make profits for their own filthy rich executives. If you trust your doctor, you’re a fool.”

Dr. Fata is expected to be sentenced in February 2015.(2)

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