The Original Aloe Vera Recipe for Curing Cancer


A Franciscan Friar (monk) who was involved with a Catholic parish in Brazil got familiar with an indigenous recipe using a specific type of aloe vera. The claim was that it could cure almost anything. Father Romano Zago started using it on people in his parish without charge and got amazing results, especially with those who were cancerous.

Unfortunately, the level of quality of most aloe vera products to deliver serious blows on serious diseases are not very accessible. Most commercial aloe vera products are useful for minor burns and skin infections. One aloe vera product introduced later in this article has the approval of Father Zago.

But now the original formula is available to all of us. It was released by an Ecuadorean woman, Esthela Camacho, who lives in Maryland, on her facebook page. But it was in Spanish and the computerized translation was a bit awkward, raising more questions.

A newsletter by Lee Euler of revealed the actual recipe in English used by Father Romano Zago while he was in Brazil.

After returning to Italy, Father Zago wrote a book titled Cancer Can Be Cured, which involved this formula and case histories and testimonials from those cured of cancer and other diseases with the formula.

So here it is already:

  • 3-4 large Aloe leaves with thorns scraped off and chopped into smaller pieces– the arborescens variety is considered the standard – and whatever leaves are used should ideally come from a plant five years old.
  • 1.1 lbs. of honey (1/3 liter) — no synthetic or refined honey, only raw pure pesticide-free honey
  • 2-3 Tablespoons of grappa (brandy), whiskey, cognac – pure alcohol, wine, beer and liqueurs cannot be used, but one source uses vodka.

Don’t use cheap supermarket honey that’s probably HFCS sweetened water more than bee honey. The honey is the vehicle carrying the aloe, and if it’s pure and local in your area it has it’s own healing properties.

If locally harvested raw honey that contains bee pollen isn’t available, you can go on line and order Manuka honey from New Zealand. It has well known tested healing properties.

The brandy, whiskey, cognac, or vodka serves to dilate blood vessels and speed up the delivery, but more importantly it promotes absorption of aloe vera’s aloin, which the body normally has difficulty absorbing fully. Lee Euler recommends sticking with those items without substitutions or alterations.

The honey content can be adjusted slightly to taste. The ingredients with whole aloe vera leaves chopped up is mixed in a strong blender. Store it in a colored bottle, it can be refrigerated, but it must be shaken or stirred heavily before each use to remix what’s settled.

For cancer, the recommended dosage of the Father Zago formula is 2 Tablespoonfuls 3 times a day for 10 days. Stop for 10 days, then resume for another 10 days. Continue this regimen till all signs of cancer disappear.

Lee Euler also warns against using pharmaceutical diuretics, steroid drugs, and the herb licorice root while using this aloe vera formula for treating cancer. It’s advisable to plant your own aloe vera plants for absolute quality control. They can be outdoor garden plants in warm climates or indoor plants near windows with sun exposure.

Purchasing aborescens aloe vera starter plants that have been growing for close to five years is advisable. If your local nursery can’t help, you can search online for those plants.


Paul Fassa
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