Super Oxygen – What is it?


Ozone Therapies Catch On in the U.S

You know you need oxygen.  You know every single one of the trillion cells making up your body needs oxygen to function like they were designed. You’ve most likely read that a lack of oxygen saturation at a cellular level is a root cause behind a multitude of dis-eases.

The use of oxidative therapies is growing, in a variety of medical and health fields in the United States. These therapies stem from the innovative discovery, in the late 1800’s, of the ability to make ozone (O3), also known as energized oxygen, at will, instead of waiting on nature to provide us with this extra energy through lightning and thunderstorms. This innovation made it possible for a really effective (super) form of highly anti-microbial oxygen to be applied to human health and healing. In fact, ozone therapies were a staple part of medical care in Europe, and were used to treat wounded soldiers in both World War I and II.

In a recent professional journal, in the United States, these authors address the use of ozone in dentistry:

Ozone is the perfect substance for use in dental procedures.  It disinfects the tissues treated and leaves no toxic residues like chlorinated products…  The oxidizing effect of ozone is as follows:  one molecule of ozone will kill the same number of bacteria that requires 3,000-10,000 molecules of chlorine for the same effect and ozone kills them 3500 times faster than chlorine.

Today, more and more professionals in medical and preventive healthcare are exploring the use of energized oxygen (o3) in a variety of capacities.


Benefits of ozone-oxygen treatments include:

  • Supporting cellular rejuvenation (anti-aging)  
  •  Increasing oxygenation of cells
  • Improved energy production in  cells
  • Modulating immune function
  • Reducing the level of acidity in the body

Oxygen can truly be said to be the body’s best friend.

How do you get more oxygen, including the “super” kind?

The simplest way to get more O2 oxygen is to breathe the cleanest air possible deeply and more often, whether that is through exercise or the daily practice of conscious breathing techniques. As a breathing teacher, I frequently tell people, “breathe like the big human that you are, not like the little gecko! We have trillions of cells waiting for that oxygen. “

The simplest way to get “super” O3, oxygen is through a variety of ozone methods including relaxing in an ozone infused sauna or hot tub, drinking ozonated water,  applying topical ozone creams for daily skincare (including staving off wrinkles),  creams for oral health and hygiene, creams targeted for everything from sunburns, to itching skin or mosquito bites.

Please take note: The one way ozone must not be used is through frequent inhaling.  It is drying and can be damaging to the lungs even in small amounts.

What about medical ozone treatments?

A new breed of health professionals are up leveling their skills through continuing education in medical ozone treatments. Some of these treatments include ozone injections, autohemotherapy (ozonating the blood and reinjecting it), insufflations (briefly infusing ozone into a body orifice). Keep in mind these treatments have 100 years of use and research behind them and are known to successfully treat as many as 114 diseases.

Research indicates ozone-oxygen treatments maintain one of the lowest side-effect rates of any medical treatment. Ozone treatments do what no pharmaceutical can do – stimulate the body’s natural healing capacity.


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Rima Star
Rima Star, Healthier Living Through Oxygen
Breathing Educator, Birth Visionary, Author