Take Years Off Your Skin with Raw Eggs


Raw eggs have enjoyed a small resurgence in popularity in recent years due to growing evidence of their benefits, in the process overcoming the many misconceptions that have shied people away from trying them.

The most common piece of misinformation is that they can be contaminated with salmonella.  This has really just been a scare tactic.  Even conventionally raised eggs from factory-farmed chickens only have a 1 in 30,000 occurrence of salmonella, and this bacteria is almost non-existent in organic eggs.

The other complaint is that consumption of raw eggs over time can lead to a deficiency of biotin, or vitamin B7, due to the avidin in raw egg whites.  However, there has not yet been a conclusive study that raw egg consumption can lead to biotin deficiency, and if this is still a concern, you can get your biotin from eating any other foods without raw egg whites.  While I don’t recommend this readily, I myself lived on a diet exclusively of organic raw eggs, sea salt, and occasional vitamin C for two years without any sign of nutritional deficiency, and in fact my doctor could only look with surprise at how healthy my blood tests looked and my cholesterol levels were.

Both the raw egg yolk and raw egg white are packed with live nutrition—in fact, many consider it as close to a perfect food as one can get.  It has almost every micro- and macro-nutrient needed to survive, including vitamins, healthy fat, and complete protein, and only lacks vitamin C and the minerals in sea salt.

While raw eggs have often been associated with bodybuilding, what’s lesser known is the ability of raw eggs to significantly youthen the skin.   Because raw eggs are technically chicken embryos, the effects of consuming of raw eggs can be akin to the effects of consumption-based stem cell and placenta supplements.  It’s becoming more common to find sheep- and goat-based stem cell and placenta products at nearly unaffordable prices, but these products aren’t much different from what you’d find in an organic raw egg.

To truly see the benefits, a couple raw eggs per day is generally not enough.  But if you can try 10 to 15 eggs per day or more, as a sort of protein drink replacement, you’ll begin to notice a significant youthening in your skin in just two to three weeks.  The effects can be striking, especially on your face.  Best of all, the calorie count between a raw egg and cooked egg doesn’t translate as you might expect.  Not only can you easily consume that many eggs when raw without feeling full, but they absorb relatively quickly, usually in 30 to 40 minutes, and don’t cause the weight gain you might think.  While 15 cooked eggs per day, on top of a regular diet, might cause some weight gain, 15 raw eggs do not seem to cause any weight gain at all.  There isn’t much research into this area, but from personal experience and observations of others who have tried this, high raw egg consumption can even cause weight loss, like other foods such as coconut oil, which while high in calories can actually cause weight loss due to its effects on the metabolism.

Just make sure the eggs are consumed raw and without much tampering, including high speed blending.  The proteins in raw eggs are delicate and can easily be denatured.   As an extra tip, they taste better cold, and because they have a neutral flavor, you can mix it with some juice for better palatability.

While consuming raw eggs is a bit unconventional, I encourage you to try it for a few weeks.  You might be amazed with the results when you look in the mirror.

Jonathan Cho