Toxins in Your Kitchen: 7 Scary Chemicals to Avoid


Every day it seems the nightly news airs yet another exposé regarding which common household item will kill you. Tune in tonight to discover how your fitted sheets are planning your demise. Tune in tomorrow to learn the hidden dangers of collapsible colanders.

Thankfully many of these stories are merely alarmist and absurd, preying on our fears to guarantee ratings. However, the fact remains that as more studies are conducted, more tests run and more information discovered, scientists and health officials are discovering heretofore unknown dangers.

It is natural to feel overwhelmed by the onslaught of studies and information. It’s worrisome to discover that items you considered commonplace and harmless actually put you and your family at risk.

Toxins in Your Kitchen: 7 Scary Chemicals to Avoid


The colorless, yet pungent-smelling gas is a chemical used widely by industry manufacturers for creating building materials, but it is also used to create melamine dishes. When the chemical melamine and formaldehyde combined, they create a carcinogen, which is another chemical that leads to dangerous health conditions such as respiratory problems and cancer.

Lead Glazes

You may think your beautiful pottery and ceramics are safe to eat from, but if they contain a lead glaze, they are not. Lead can seep into your food as the lead glazed dish is heated up. If you love eating and drinking from beautiful pieces of pottery and ceramic it is best to choose pieces that are made with lead-free glazes. Otherwise, you risk the chances of getting lead poisoning.


Pure water itself is not toxic, but water that contains heavy metals, chlorine and other contaminants is toxic. Using a filtration system to filter your water is an excellent way to keep these toxins from the water you use for cooking and creating beverages. Contaminated water is known to cause dige


This chemical is a carbon-based synthetic compound you may know as Bisphenol A. It is highly toxic because it acts as a form of synthetic estrogen, which wrecks havoc on the body. In fact, the compound has been known to cause infertility in women, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, mental disorders, birth defects and several types of cancers. It has even been linked to causing sexual dysfunction in men since it has the ability to cause hormonal imbalances. The only way to avoid this toxin is to stay clear from plastics that are made with the synthetic compound.


This chemical is a carcinogen when it becomes heated. You find Teflon being used on cookware such as pots and pans. The known chemical has been linked to causing autoimmune diseases in people.


This soft metal is a highly reactive metal that can leak into foods and cause a wide range of brain disorders. Staying away from cooking and baking ware made from aluminum is a safer option.


Washing your dishes and kitchen surfaces down with toxic chemical cleaners can cause allergy sensitivities, autoimmune diseases, behavioral disorders and skin problems. Using earth friendly products that do not leave a residue behind is a much safer option.


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