UV Natural Protection: 5 Non-Toxic Natural oils That Act As A Sunscreen Layer


If you’re looking to wear plan oil as your sunscreen of choice, I have some options below, in order of their sun protection value (raspberry, despite having lower SPF than carrot seed comes first because it takes care of UVA & UVB rays). Please have a look at the cautions at the bottom of this page before rushing out the store to buy oils.
These oils are not meant to screen out the majority of the sun’s rays, and probably shouldn’t be considered as an all-day, intense sunlight protection for prolonged periods in the sun, they certainly can provide a level of protection without all the other unwanted ingredients for reasonable periods of time in the sun. Further, they will allow some of the sun’s rays to reach your skin so that you may manufacture the all too important vitamin D. They have another bonus too, many of them will leave you with baby soft, healthy skin – and most also contain other skin-friendly vitamins, fatty acids and other nutrients and antioxidants.

5 Non-Toxic Natural oils that act as a sunscreen

Carrot Seed Oil
This rich oil is one of nature’s best skin guarding oils, providing a level of protection from the sun that matches high end commercial sunscreen products. Carrot seed oil is very concentrated and should be mixed with a carrier oil to create a highly effective natural sunscreen that can be used on a daily basis.

Coconut Oil
Inexpensive, easy to find and sweet smelling, coconut oil is a staple skin care products of traditional tropical societies all over the world. Worn when going out in the sun it provides a moderate level of protection against the sun’s rays.

Almond Oil
The golden oil of this delicious nut is another common and easy to find oil that makes a great light natural sunscreen. The same study mentioned above found that almond oil provides a natural protection level of SPF 6, on par with many suntan lotions sold commercially.

Red raspberry oil
Red raspberry oil is another one that has a relatively high SPF, clocking in at an estimated SPF of 30-50. Not only does this oil have a high UV protective factor, it also is used for cosmetic and beauty purposes as a highly emollient addition to skin care products. It is high in vitamin E, which is very healing and repairing for the skin, and also is a highly stable oil, meaning it is resistant to spoilage.

Wheatgerm oil
Wheatgerm oil is the third best natural oil in terms of SPF. It gives the skin Vitamin E and a boost of natural antioxidants that repairs cell damage. Wheat germ oil is primarily known as an excellent source of vitamin E, which has multiple benefits for the skin. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, so it helps to prevent or even somewhat reverse UV damage. The high antioxidant value of the oil is one of the reasons it is also taken internally for a variety of health benefits.
Other oils with natural sunscreen

Macadamia Oil – SPF 6
Non-GMO Soybean Oil – SPF 10
Avocado Oil – 4 – 10
Olive Oil – 2-8
Shea Butter – 3 – 6
Almond Oil – SPF 5
Sesame Seed Oil – SPF 4
Hemp Seed Oil – SPF 6
Jojoba Oil – SPF 4
Coconut Oil – SPF 2 – 8

Homemade Sunscreen Oil Recipe

You can also just create an oil to put on your skin.

1/2 cup fractionated coconut oil (doesn’t harden below 76 degrees F)
10 drops myrrh essential oil (add up to 40 drops for higher SPF)
5 drops carrot seed essential oil
Combine all ingredients and keep in amber jar (to help preserve oils). Apply over all exposed skin. Reapply often.





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